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Friday, 8 January 2010

Christmas gifts and ORTS

I have almost finished the last of six small squares for SFC , so will have pics to show soon.
Meanwhile , I keep forgetting to show pics of my stitchy gifts. I didn't have many presents this year (poor me) , mainly because I asked for money as I'm saving for a laptop so I can get online when my husband is home.
So these gifts are from stitchy friends

Some DMC threads , fabric and some lovely gold needles , one of which is being used now.This little lot was from my "secret" Santa. I organised a secret Santa on the SFC forum , but wanted to join in too , so I knew who my Santa was. This is a lovely gift ,and I'm so happy with it. I've been eyeing up some scissors like these ,and they are being put to very good use already. I love the bookmark , and the little kit is called Secret Present- very apt.

Maybe you've seen that some stitchy bloggers are joining in with the TUSAL(totally useless stitch along).Sorry , I'm not sure who organised it . I came across it last year and was quite interested. I usually gather my waste threads in little bundles then throw them in the bin , but I decided to save them as a point of interest. This is what I gathered from mid August last year

And this is what I've put aside so far this yearI haven't joined the TUSAL , as I don't want to save thread tags and old needles etc ,but if anyone would like to ORT along with me , please feel free. No rules , just save your orts and show them when you think about it.

Just one question though . If you have lots of orts , does it mean that you've stitched a lot , or that you waste a lot ? LOL

Thanks for dropping by , Cath


Elaine said...

Lovely stitching gifts Cath, that bookmark is soo cute...
Look forward to seeing your finished squares.

Mylene said...

Cute bookamrk and all other stitchy goodies are wonderful.

Lindsay-ann said...

Your secret santa goodies look great.
I am ashamed to say I put all my waste threads back in my tin. It's so annoying to keep finding them there I don't know why I keep doing it! My husband bought me a new sewing box fro Christmas so when I start using it I am going to put my waste in a cup like you do. Makes a lot of sense!
Have a great weekend.