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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Help wanted please.

Wow , I've got to 25 followers , which means a giveaway is coming ,but not right now as I have to sort everything out. It will be soon , I promise. No stitching to show this time ,I've done a couple of name squares but that's it , I've been on a reading mission. I think my bug has gone on holiday without me , just hope it's somewhere warm lol . So , the help wanted . First off , Stitch for Charity are auctioning a quilt on e-bay with all funds to be sent to Haiti aid ,so if anyone is interested , the item number is 230426461668 . It's a lovely quilt and we're hoping it will raise a nice amount to be sent to help victims of the earthquake. Secondly ( and this is a biggie). Over the last year or so , Stitch for Charity have been helping a charity group in South Africa , by sending baby packs , with clothes and other items for the newborns, who otherwise would more than likely be sent home wrapped in old newspaper or nothing at all. After being in contact with Val , Auntie Jane has been sent some lovely updates and pictures, showing some of the children with our blankets/ teddies etc , and we know our help is desperately needed. The charity is called African Compassion , and they have their own website http://www.africancompassion.com , the charity is run by Val and David Bailey , and you can read their story on their own site. To cut a long story short , they are building a 60 bed orphanage in Lesotho , South Africa ,to be called Rachels' Place after a young girl who was meant to be going out to Africa to help them ,but was killed in a car accident on 17th July 2008. Our aim at Stitch for Charity is to make 50 quilts for them. this is a long term project , probably spreading over two or three years or possibly more. But , to make 50 quilts , we will need 750 cross stitch squares , which is a heck of a lot. So , I'd like to ask if anyone would be willing to stitch a square or two to help us out . We have a lot of members ,already willing to help ,but this is a massive project and we want to continue to help our other charities too. We do have a theme list ,which you can find on our site (link on my sidebar) or you can contact me if you'd prefer. But , it doesn't have to be a theme , any square will be gratefully received and used. Also , does anyone have any spare materials, aida , thread or even wool or quilting fabric that you will no longer use , anything will and can be used ,as we are entirely self funded. We also use cover kits from the mags ,so if you don't like stitching them , please donate. We just substitute the fabric as all squares need to be either 6x6" or 10X10 inch , or somewhere in between. You don't have to be a member to help , though new members are always welcome to stitch or to knit ,as we are still sending knitted clothes and tiny teddies for the kids too. Check out our blog at http://stitchforpleasurestitchforcharity.blogspot.com/ , where you can see pictures of the things we make , and of the kiddies we want to help. Thank you for looking and spending the time to read this. Cath


Ginnie said...

Hi Cath
well said..... hope it attracts some extra helpers etc. Busy finishing square 2 for the twins quilts then I'll start for Africa. xx

Shellie said...

here here Jayne
Good words well put Im sure we will soon get the extra help we need.
Hugs Shellie

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for the info, I removed the link, funny thing was though my antivirus McAfee never picked anything up, strange eh?

What a lovely thing you're doing. Its something I may think about doing......

Gill in Canada