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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

GOS challenge ,Orts and Eggs

Over at The Gift of Stitching , they are hosting a regular challenge where they provide a chart for you to stitch and make up your own way. All you then need to do is post pics on your blog , send them the details and you're entered in the draw for a great prize . I discovered this very close to the deadline for the second one, so didn't get to do it , but I've decided to join in this time. Go to http://giftofstitching.blogspot.com/for full details.
This time , the chart is of a Too Big bird on a house , really cute. I made mine into this little beaded fobThis side is with the threads as recommended on the chart , and this side I've done with vari threads ( you have a lot to answer for Shellie , lol) . So , this is my entry . If you're interested in joining in , the deadline is 11th February. I made this in a day , so still plenty of time.
So , onto the orts . I've done a bit of stitching since last time , mostly the vari stuff , so lots of bits and bobs in the pot now.
Lastly, the eggs . Our chooks have a habit of laying very different sized (and coloured) eggs , to say they're all supposedly the same breed,age etc. We are used to seeing regular , large and wincing sizes , but I got a real surprise yesterday . I went to check the coop , and found a mini egg in there. The middle one is a regular size , the one on the left fairly large , and then we get this tiny one. It's so cute.

We had a sprinkling of snow again last night , so the chooks have been eating it again this morning. Porridge for them later to help them keep warm.

Thanks everyone for the comments , and thanks for dropping by.

Take care , Cath


stitcheranon said...

One of our hens had to have antibiotics so we have to throw the eggs out for 4 weeks...heartbreaking!
Our white has huge eggs, our little red ehn, medium..but now and then they like to surprise us!
Love the finishes...off to have a look at the site now!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Love the little beaded fob you made. I have finished my picture of 4 birdhouses, one for each of the seasons. I am struggling to find a square picture frame to put it in. Nowhere seems to stock square frames anymore!
We've just had about 3 cm of snow this evening in Yorkshire. I thought we had seen the end of the cold spell. No such luck!
I am so envious that you have chickens. The mini egg is so cute.

Shellie said...

*hiding * lol
The fob is lovely hun well done xxxx

Theresa said...

Thank you for your birthday greetings and visiting my little blog. I love your stitchings and will be back to visit often~
Love your header photo, by the way, it is super cute~~~

Carol said...

Hello Cath! Thanks so much for visiting my blog--I love to "meet" new stitchers from around the world.

And what a cute little fob you stitched--just darling :)