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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lots of stuff

I am pleased to say that Lindsay and Gill have both received their giveaway prizes ,and seem happy with them. Still not heard back from Kath , so hanging on to that for now.
Despite feeling rotten this week, due to a stressful week last week , lack of sleep and coming down with a yucky cold, I have had a few smiley moments.
First , thank you to Ranae for your lovely comments about my blog, it kept me beaming for hours.
Then , on Tuesday my husband went out to get some chicken food, and came back with these too

Just lovely . He doesn't buy me flowers very often , and when he does , it's just because , but I love it when he does.

Not much to show stitching wise , I have been doing lots, but can't show most of it just yet. I have stitched up a little freebie from Debbie Draper http://www.debbiedraperdesigns.com/ , which I have plans for , but keeping my fingers crossed as I've never done anything like it before

Is it just me , or can anyone else see smiley clown faces in the corners?

Michelle is having a secret stitchy giveaway , if you want to go and have a try http://stitchcraftplace.blogspot.com/.

Just before I started blogging , I joined up for a Pay it Forward with Chris at http://alwayssmiling24.blogspot.com/ , and this is what I received

A handmade scissor case , complete with scissors and a handmade beaded fob. Just lovely , and what's more , Chris made seven of these to send out. We are lucky , lucky stitchers.

So , in true PIF spirit , I am now offering a Pay It Forward on here

So , if you would like to receive something made by me , in the next year , and you're prepared to offer the same thing to three more people, please leave a comment on this post , stating that you wish to join the PIF before 20th March.

If you would like to receive something made by me , but aren't able to offer it on at the moment , please leave a comment anyway, just saying that and you could still be entered.

If I get more than three people interested , I'll draw names. If there are less than three people interested , you automatically get put in , and I'll offer the other item(s) as giveaways. If no-one want to join , I'll make up three things and offer them as giveaways, I think that's fair enough.

Well , that's it for now .

Thanks for droping by , Cath


Elaine said...

Love your freebie stitch Cath and yes it does have smiley faces. Pretty scissor keeper and your flowers are beautiful.

T. Whitesell said...

How sweet of your DH to bring flowers, the just because ones are the best. Can't wait to see what you do with your freebie stitch.

Meadows08 said...

I see the clown faces too. Your hubby was sweet to bring you flowers!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
I was thrilled with the giveaway package that you sent. Thank you again.
Your flowers are lovely and the scissor case and fob too. Hope you feel better soon.
I also see the clown faces!

Mylene said...

Lovely bunch of flowers from hubby!
That freebie finish looks pretty, looking forward to see how you finish it and lovely PIF received from Chris.

ps. sorry i won't sign in for the PIF, done it a couple of years ago and i am kind of disappointed as not all haven't follow through. Goodluck with yours.

Ranae said...

Pretty flowers!
I see the clown faces, but would have never ever seen them until you pointed it out, cute.
I would love to do the PIF, but I have a couple exchanges and a blogoversary item, which reminds I should go draw a name.
Have a great weekend!

Shellie said...

I can see clowns too and what better time to recieve flowers than just because!
Hugs to all Shellie

Michelle said...

The flowers are lovely!

The freebie design is very cute.

Kate said...

Would love to be entered into your PIF. I am a follower as well. I am always looking for a reason to stitch, so a PIF would be great.

Tricia said...

I just found your blog and think a pay it forward would be fun. :-) (I love your smiling clowns, btw!)