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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Cards and a giveaway.

My husband is away this weekend at an Advanced Squad Leader convention .For most of you not in the know , it's a tactical war game which is played on board mats with lots of little counters.
Anyway ,it's two of his buddies birthdays around about now , so he got me to make up cards for them , using copies of the boards and counters. So , just to show that I do make cards (lol) here are some pics

I quite enjoyed making them , and it seems that they've gone down extremely well , so worth the effort.

I've got to say , I will be glad when he gets back tomorrow. After being out in town all day with the kids , shopping for my husbands birthday which is later in the week, I truly appreciate why I like it so much more to go on my own when they are at school. My nerves are a little frazzled right now. But then again , I was woken up pre 6.30 today and yesterday (and I'm not a morning person lol).

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about my stitching. I can say that someone will be getting a little stitchy gift , but will leave you hanging at that , as there's still a chance to enter my little competition .

My decision about what to stitch next has been taken out of my hands , as I found out yesterday that one of the teachers at my Sons' nursery is leaving at Easter. Both of my kids love her to bits , so I will be trying to make something for the kids to give her on the last day. I'm thinking one of the LK teacher charts made into a cushion or hanging pillow, but I'll see how it goes.

Finally , if you like Carriage House Samplings charts , here is a great giveaway of the chart for Alphabet Blocks : http://carolyn-justonemorestitch.blogspot.com/ .

thanks for dropping by ,



Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
You are not going to believe this but my husband has those type of war game things too. They are quite old. He has no one to play them with but gets them out from time to time and fiddles with them. He also paints these really tiny soldiers and lines them up in some sort of battles sometimes. Weird!
Hope you have a calmer day tomorrow.

Elaine said...

Your birthday cards look neat Cath. The LK teachers chart made into a hanging pillow sounds a great idea.

Michelle said...

The birthday card is so interesting - I am sure the recipient loved it!
The LK idea sounds great.

Dawn said...

Ahhh, now I understand about the game lol !
Good of you to sort out all the litte bits for hubby :)