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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Hi everyone , my Stitch and Pass it on ornaments have still not been shown on that blog , so I can't show on here yet , but I can show what else I've been up to.
I've been working on a set of squares for Stitch for Charity , but wanted to show them all together. As they have now been finished , and posted off to Jane, the big reveal :From the top . L-R Sheep , pig , mouse ,monkey , ladybug , frog .From top , L-R crab , cow , bee , rabbit , cat , rhino .Lion, dog and butterfly. sorry if this seems obvious ,but my husband thought a couple of them didn't really look like what they were meant to be .
I'm not going to tell you where I got the charts from just yet , as I want to have a little competition. there were only 14 charts in the set , and as we need 15 for a blanket , I had to make one up myself.

So , if anyone can guess which is the chart I made up , before 20th March , I'll send you a little stitchy gift. Incidentally , that is also the last sign up for my PIF if anyone wishes to join in .

I also did a few of the logos

as we try to put one of these on every blanket , they are always needed. and I sent this to Jane too

I stitched it years ago , and it's just been sitting in a bag so I thought it was about time it was put to good use.

So ,now I've finished my lot of squares, it's time for a new start,the big question is What ?

At the moment I'm stitching and stuffing teddies , so will get those done first.

Thanks for dropping by ,



Elaine said...

Cath those designs are soooo cute!
Is your 15th chart gonna be a chicken. Can't wait to hear where you got the designs from.
Your logos and cat are lovely as well. Look foward to seeing what you stitch next...

Michelle said...

Oh my, they are super cute! I love the Ladybug and the Frog :)
Can't wait to see what you start next.

Lonneke said...

They're all so funny and cuuute!
I really can't tell which one you made up. You did an excellent job designing it! But I still want to enter your little competition, so I'll pick the ...butterfly.

And sorry for being stupid, but can someone tell me what a PIF is?
O wait, has it something to do with Pay it forward?

It is so nice of you to stitch for charity.

Mylene said...

You sure been busy stitching and all are sooooo cute. Congrats on the finishes.

Josie said...

They are all so adorable, love the little eyes and round bodies. I think the butterfly would be the 15th design.

Ginnie said...

You have been very busy, they are all fab.... and I have no idea which one you made up yourself... much too good!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
They are all gorgeous and will make a lovely quilt. It's hard to guess which you made up but my guess would be the crab!
I love the logos you stitched too and the cute cat.

Shellie said...

They are all so brilliant its tough to guess which one you desgned you clever thing.
Guessing on the Rhino!!!!!
You have been so busy hun and they are all fab Aunty Jane will be so pleased
Hugs Shellie xx

Ranae said...

Those are adorable. I think I know where you got them. Are they freebies?? I would say a chicken like your header photo, but someone already said chicken.
The logo's are awesome

Sew Wilde said...

The squares are super cute!! I think you did the butterfly but it is really hard to tell. They all match very well.


Blu said...

They're all very cute!
I say the butterfly.

CalamityJr said...

I'm new to cross stitch blogs and an a blog hopper like you, but would love a chance to win because your stitching is so creative, so I will say the bee is your own design. Thanks for the opportunity!

Mary Jane

Dawn said...

Hi Cath,

I am not going to guess, cos I know lol.
Just want to say that all the squares are great! You have been very busy for Aunty Jane and I know she is very pleased with everything you do for her. :)