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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Exchange Goodies

Lainey and I are doing a year long exchange ,and recently sent and received the first one.
This is what I received :

Lovely fabric , and a Lizzie Kate chart (one of my fave designers).Summery threads , and buttons.And a gorgeous seaside pillow and a little chicken to brighten my kitchen.I love this little pillow , especially the cute little star fish . thanks so much Lainey . Sorry it's taken me so long to show on here , every time I get ready to put it on , another post pops up ,lol.

There were also some lovely card swatches , that got put out of the reach of grubby little fingers , lol.

This is what I sent to Lainey :

I have nicked this picture from Lainey's blog , as when I was looking at my pictures I realised that one of the gifts somehow escaped the envelope . As it will go into the next one , I don't want to spoil the surprise .

Lainey likes sheep , and as we nick name sheep "Flossies", this LK sheep just asked to be made into a floss tag .I kind of themed this exchange with needles and thread, so made a needle book . The chart is a freebie from Samplings from the Berri Patch and is called Hannah's Flower Basket. It is part of a reproduction sampler called Hannah Mary Manley 1864 .

I left off the date ,and changed a couple of the colours to suit Lainey's likes , hope you don't mind Sherri . It was a lovely chart to stitch , and I'm sure I'll use it again , so a big Thank you to Sherri for a lovely design.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on Chicken Run . It is nice to stitch my own design , especially as so far it seems to be coming out as I'd hoped . I'm enjoying the fact that I'm stitching something no-one else has ever stitched before . I wonder if it's the same feeling for stitchers who do the models and first drafts for other people? I always like going out in fresh snow too . To know that you are treading where no-one else has trodden before. :-)

That's all for now . I will be back soon with updates of Chicken Run ,and more pictures of our days out .

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Heidi said...

What a fun idea to have a year long exchange with a friend. Kind of like having a Secret Sister but you know who you have. :-) Lots of goodies went back and forth and some lovely stitching too!

Hugs from Holland ~

Dawn said...

Hi Cath, Some lovely items there!
I don't know how you manage to produce so many stitchy things ! Takes me all my time to do a logo lol. :-))

Dawn xx

Lumiruusu said...

You have get so lovely exchanges and I love your sheep-stiching:)

The long-term exchanges are great !! :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What great exchanges sent and received! You stitched up two nice pieces! I like how you both colour co-ordinated all the extras!

Sally said...

Lovely exchanges there both sent and received.