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Monday, 13 September 2010

One in , one out .

When I took Chicken Run to the framers the other day , I was really pleased to find out that Moon Struck was all done and ready for me , so I brought it home . Just got to wait until next week to see if SIL likes it . If not , she can have the money and I'm keeping it , lol .
Jane has received her giveaway prize , so I'll be able to show you what else I sent to her now ,
I included a pair of craft scissors , and made a little hanging bunny . Jane loves bunnies ,so I knew this would be perfect for her .
This is the back

My husband also stitches and has a couple of projects in progress at the moment , but he's not stitching at the moment . Meanwhile , I've been getting fed up of having to hunt for threads I need when they're stashed away in his project boxes. So , I did a full check on my thread boxes and filled in the gaps .Lots of lovely stash . This was ordered from Sewing Club Express , and I'm really pleased with the order . DMC threads at 32p each , free p&p and they were delivered on Friday after being ordered late Tuesday afternoon. Not bad !

I have been stitching , but can't show it yet as it's for exchanges .

Denise is having a great giveaway , if you want to nip over and have a look .

Thanks for dropping by ,



Denise said...

Jane seemed very pleased with her new stitching buddy after Tilly ate her floss. ;0)

I completely agree - there is nothing more frustrating than hunting for floss! That's why we should all have as much floss as we can store!!

I kinda hope your SIL doesn't like the piece - that way you get to keep it!

Smiles - Denise
ps - thanks for the promo!

Sally said...

Moon Struck is gorgeous Cath! Can't blame you for wanting to keep it!

Lovely prize you sent to Jane. The bunny is so cute.

Thanks for the link to where you buy your threads.

Jane said...

If you SIL doesn't like it, I'll send you the money and I'll have it!!! It's gorgeous and the colour mount and frame compliment it perfectly ~ how can she not like it! xxx

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Moonstruck is gorgeous. Your SIL is going to be delighted. Love the cute bunny too. So your husband is a stitcher too? Mine once tried to do a small flower that came free on a magazine. He wasn't very good!

Shellie said...

Hi Cath
Moon pic looks gorgeous I love it as is the Bunnie .

I too have gone thru all my threads and organised them by the dmc colour chart and filled in the gaps It took ages but was so worth it Just need some more stittch bows now lol
Hope u are well Im still struggling to stitch or knit but plodding on
TC And Chat on the forum soon
Hugs Shellie

♥ Nia said...

So many cute bunnies =)
I love the frame and the mount color!! It loooks beautiful with your stitching :D

Mylene said...

I am sure your SIL will love the piece. It looks gorgeous.

Wendy said...

how cute are those rabbits!

Dawn said...

Hi Cath,
Your Moon Struck picture is beautiful! Unfortunately I think your SIL will love it and you will have to do another one for yourself lol.

Lovely rabbits too ... :-))

Hazel said...

Moon Struck is awesome. Love your giveaway. xx