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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

We Got More

It snowed last night , and is still coming. The local schools are closed , and fortunately my husband was at home last night and has decided not to go on his travels today. Something which I am very grateful for as I worry all the time.
This may look the same as from last post , but an hour or so before this picture was taken , my husband had cleared the car in preparation for going out. Other news , I have finished another Digimon square .

Only three more to go .

And , on Sunday I went to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show . It was a bit of a surprise as I wasn't supposed to go. My MIL was going on a minibus trip organised by the craft group she belongs to and someone dropped out at the last minute , so I got the place.

I enjoyed it , and would go again but I felt it was aimed more towards knitters than stitchers. I did get a bit of new stash , well got to make it worth the trip , lol.Bent Creeks' Winter Row , quite apt I suppose .

LK Housework and JBW A Very Merry Christmas And some Threadworx threads and some buttons , which I will hopefully be able to use with the JBW charts so I can do a few of them for next year. I also got some more scrumptious threads , but My MIL has claimed them for my Christmas present , so you'll just have to wait to see those , lol.

I heard from Michelle that I have won her giveaway , so that was a lovely surprise , thanks Michelle .

I will leave you with a shot of Mr Cool, our new resident .

Take care in the bad weather and if in doubt , stay in and stitch.

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Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new stash. Mr Cool is gorgeus.

Dawn said...

Poor you~~
I have seen your snow on my weather channel!! Funny thing is you have more snow then me and I'm in Ontario Canada-- The little bit we have received is almost gone because of the rain today!! :)

Tricia said...

Wow! Look at that snow!!! I love your snowman. :-) Can't wait to see the Bent Creek Winter Row when it's finished!

Mylene said...

Great snow pictures and cute snowman!!

♥ Nia said...

Wow! So much snowwww!!!
I'm so cold with our low temperatures, I can only imagine how it feels around there!!
I miss summer! LOL

Shellie said...

Loving the new stash esp the xmas tree with merry christmas in it and of course the yummy threads lol
Great snowman , only got less that 2 inches here so no school clorues
Stay warm and safe
Hugs Shellie xxxx

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

Brilliant stash and more so as you hadn't planned on going.

we too have had yet more snow today, its eems to have never stopped snowing grrrr

our senior school was closed today, primary school was only open 10-3 but due to my own health they didn't go to school either. school wasn't impressed but hard luck my own health and safety comes first lol :P

Dawn said...

I love Mr Cool. Well done to the makers :- ))

You have such a beautiful view from where you live Cath. Even in the snow........
It must be lovely being up there through the seasons.

That was lucky you got to the stitching fair at Harrogate. I used to live there but they didn't have the Fairs when I was there.
You did well with your new stash. As you say, you had to make it worth going :-))