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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I've decided I don't like white.

It finally stopped snowing after 30 plus hours and about 1.5 - 2 feet. We are still getting the odd flurry , but thankfully that's all for now.
Yesterday the kids wanted to go out , so we decided to go for a walk to the end of our street to check the state of the main road .That was a mistake . After 5 mins out in it , I looked like a yeti , lol.
Here are a few pics from yesterday
This one was taken last night when it was still coming strong.
It didn't stop all night , and yes I was up for most of it . I started feeling ill yesterday evening and was sick before bed. Then both me and my Daughter were ill in the early hours , so I saw most of the snow coming down. Thankfully we are both feeling better now . There has been quite a few bugs knocking around , and with the stress of the weather etc I just copped it .
And here's the state of play this morning.

This is my Husbands' car ,lol . you can just about see the wing mirror.So , I've about had enough of white for this year . We haven't had snow like this since 90/91 winter . I remember it well as I was learning to drive at the time and my instructor insisted that I still have my lessons,even though the snow was so deep . I went over a roundabout (quite literally) but otherwise survived to tell the tales lol.

Thanks for dropping by , and stay safe in the snow .



Hazel said...

That's just like us!! Esp my back yard. No I have gone off white too. Stay warm. x

Lindsay-ann said...

Looks like you got your fair share too! LOL. I wish it would stop now. Have to walk to work tomorrow :(

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely photos of the snow. I not that keen on the white stuff either very nice to look at but I don't want too much of it.

Dawn said...

Oh poor you!!
It has decided to snow here now-- wet snow. It is making the roads just terrible....doesn't help that there has been no salt put on the roads yet. My hubby drives 50 minutes to work-- had a spin out. He was pretty lucky he didn't go into the ditch! Some other people managed too!!

Peggy Lee said...

Hi Cath!

I am so glad to have found your blog. Ughhh....you can HAVE all that snow! I am fortunate to live in a place that doesn't see too much of it and when it does snow it's usually gone soon after.

Thanks for posting....and I am now a new followers of yours!

Carol said...

That snow looks like what we got here in our giant storm in February--please keep it on your side of the Atlantic :)

Denise said...

So, it's going to be a white Christmas for you!

Tell you what - I'll take it and you can have it back after Christmas!

Smiles -

Tricia said...

Oh, Cath! Your over the roundabout comment made me laugh! We're just starting to get roundabouts in our small towns around here and I can just picture it! :-) Glad you're feeling better!

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh my, it's usually me posting this sort of thing in Canada, not you guys.

Best thing is to hibernate and stay indoors,

Take care,

Gill in Canada

Angela P said...

Now that's snow! Yikes, stay warm and safe :) It just started snowing here tonight but it's barely anything to mention just yet. I hope it stops for you all soon, I don't ever remember that much snow in the UK!