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Friday, 3 December 2010

Misty morning , lazy day and rotten night.

We got up this morning while it was still dark , again. My son seems unable to sleep beyond 6.45 am , bless.
Anyway , as the sky gradually lightened , it was also clear , no clouds ,which meant even better , no snow. In fact , we got mist in the valley . I've shown pics of the "spooky mist" before , but it is even weirder when there is snow on the ground.

And , so dawned a bright , clear and sunny day . Hurray . We actually got dripping in places , though the icicles were still hanging around.I took this hanging out of my bedroom window ,lol.

So , the kids went out for a very short while , there is still so much snow they got very cold and wet very quickly , then they came in to play/draw and do their thing. I did the pots , and some washing then some stitching. and the cats enjoyed lying in the sun.

I wrote out my shopping list , as my husband planned to dig out the car in the morning , then go and do the grocery shop .And now , it's snowing again ! Not only that , it's also quite windy so it's drifting. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

The kids are already missing a party tomorrow, as I don't want them to have to walk on the main road when there is only a clear path for one lane of traffic. It's impossible for them to walk on the pavement as it's so deep in snow it would be up to their behinds at least .

I'm worrying about Christmas . I haven't got all the gifts for the kids yet , and nothing for my husband , though all others are sorted. Me and hubby were planning on going shopping and leaving them with MIL tomorrow and I planned a few trips out during school/nursery time this week. Obviously that's all gone out the window now . I know there are three weeks to go , but everyone is going to be in the same boat.I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't finished all the shopping . So , I'm wondering whether to order some things online and hope they can deliver at some point or just to wait and hope for the best .

And , we haven't got Turkey yet either.

Either way , I am decidedly fed up .

Hope the weekend gets brighter .

Take care ,



Bev said...

lovely pics, but how cold has it been? i ordered some things from boots to be delivered but we have had no post all week, wish i had got them in store now, at least you know you will get them that way, its snowing here now which hubby not happy about as he has dug our at his bosses house(mansion) and tonight it is 3 ft deep again with the drifts so he went to bed in a huff, oh dear lol

Meadows08 said...

I love your photos though I know what a pain all that snow is. 2 years ago we got about 4 feet of snow a few days before Christmas (we live in an area of Canada that gets rain in the winter.) Thank goodness I had all my groceries and gifts! Good luck!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous pictures of the scenery near you. I tink I would wait until the weather clears up a bit and go shopping for Christmas. I don't think I would trust the post.

Peggy Lee said...

Your pictures are beautiful although I feel sorry that you are house bound! Looks like your kitties have the right idea.

Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures again Cath.

Your cats look so lovely and comfortable there on the window sill!


Blu said...

Gorgeous pictures! Isn't it just a deception how snow looks so pretty? It should look hideous to match its reality.

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

we've had snow as well for the last 14 days but none in the last 24hours...wish it would hurry up and melt though as its horrible to drive in when i have :(

as said above your cats have the right idea and curl up on the windowsil