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Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Start to Remember.

I had all the best intentions of having a new start to show yesterday, but this darned cold just hasn't let up enough for me to feel up to much .
It was ten years yesterday since my Dad died . I still miss him , and this time of year it's more noticeable , especially as he's missing out on the pleasure of the kids etc.
Anyway , a couple of years after he died I saw this kit advertised in a magazine and just had to buy it , despite having lots of stash already ( nothing compared to what I have now ,lol ) . I knew I wouldn't be able to stitch it straight away , so put it away , occasionally digging it out to look at and then put it away again .
I decided that it was time to get it done and had intended to start on the day , but haven't felt up to much , so this will be my first new start of 2011 . I'm figuring on taking a while to get it set up , plus I have a couple of other bits to finish up asap .

The verse around the edge reads :

" Some may have castles on the banks of the Rhine , and hire an orchestra each evening at nine . But richer than I , they will never be . I had a Dad who spent time with me "

The verse and the picture are so right as when I was a kid me and Dad used to spend a lot of time tramping in the woods ,especially in Autumn. We'd go hunting for chestnuts , conkers , hazel nuts , blackberries ... you get the idea .

I don't think it will be easy to do , not that it looks a difficult chart but each stitch will bring a memory . Not a bad thing , but hard sometimes .

Thanks for looking ,



Tricia said...

What a treasure it will be Cath! I'm so glad that you're going to work on it this next year!

Tracey said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture and verse! I bought it as a picture (didn't know it was a x-s pattern) several years ago for my hubby for Father's Day from the kids. We have a beautiful provincial park near where we live and the 3 of them would often go there and wander through the woods. It will be a beautiful piece that you will cherish when it is complete.

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

i can understand the feeling behind this one. the words are brilliant, my dad passed away 14.5yrs ago and i still miss him as well at christmas. i have a chart that i want to do in memory of my dad but i can't afford it yet :(

Fiona said...

i think its a lovely way to treasure your dad's memory. Its such a lovely design and obviouslt means a lot to you. Enjoy your time spent stitching it and I hope you feel better soon x

Lesleyanne said...

Looking forward to your progess.

Meadows08 said...

What a special remembrance of your father.

Shellie said...

That bought tears to my eyes but its beautiful and lucky you for haveing such a great dad too.
Sending hugs
Happy Stitching Hope the cold goes soon

Lindsay-ann said...

I know it will be hard for you but I am sure your Dad will be watching over you as you stitch this beautiful picture. It will have so many lovely memories for you both.
It's nearly 3 years since I lost my lovely Dad. He loved steam trains and I stitched him a large picture which had 12 or so trains on it. My Mum still has it on her wall which is kind of nice because even though my Dad is gone, something he was passionate about is still around.
Hope your cold gets better soon.
Wishing you and yoru family a very happy 2011.

Dawn said...

Ohhh Cath, this is a beautiful picture to stitch! It will be a lovely reminder of your dad and stitched with love I know.


Michele B. said...

What a lovely design, with such touching words. There is a counterpart for a mother - I have a cross stitch chart called Story Hour and it has a picture of a woman reading to a child. The verse reads:

You may have riches and wealth untold, baskets of jewels and caskets of gold, but richer than I you will never be, for I had a mother who read to me.

The verse is from an old poem. I wonder if the one for the father is based on it. I can't wait to see it stitched!