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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Is it next week yet ?

I am really ready for this week to be over .Even worse , today I keep thinking it's Friday . Wishful thinking I reckon.
I don't seem to have had a minute to myself this week ,and the stress levels have been quite high.
Monday I planned to visit my Grandma , as I haven't seen her since way before Christmas , with us all being ill etc . Then my friend who is having a rough time at the moment asked if I'd go for a cuppa , so I gave in and went for a chat to give her a bit of a break . Lunch time was spent at nursery , having lunch with my Son , his friend and friends Mum and little sister. The nursery offer an extra session as the government said the kids should be allowed an extra 2 1/2 hours a week , and that was the only way to fit it in . Not a problem ,and quite a nice relaxed hour and half.
I'd decided to nip into town straight after , and when I came back the road was blocked off. So I nipped round the back roads to come out further up the hill , to find that I couldn't get near home as there'd been a bad car accident not far from the end of our street. No people or ambulances were around , it had apparently happened 1 1/2 hrs before I got there , but the police were waiting for the forensics guys to turn up .
Still not heard anything about the people in the vehicles, but the car and van were a total mess , so not looking very good . Anyway , I parked the car up and walked home only to walk back past later to collect the kids . Had to tell them what had happened as we had to walk past it to get home , and they both got quite upset. My Daughter was really worried about the people and I still can't tell her what happened to them .
Tuesday , I went to visit my Grandma in the morning , then spent the afternoon catching up on the jobs I didn't get done on Monday . Then Wednesday I had to take my car for the MOT . Drove over after taking the kids to school , dropped it off , then walked back into town to catch the bus (about a mile or a bit more , and I did it in 15 mins-, not bad ) back to the bottom end of the village then walked up home. Only to go out 45 minutes later to walk to school and fetch my son from nursery .
Phew , I'm worn out from just writing it , lol .
My car is still at the garage so after taking the kids to school , walking down to the doctors then back home , I finally got to sit and stitch today .Hooray !!!
I hadn't planned on showing pics of Dandy Dreams , as I didn't think I'd done much , but after looking at my last progress pic , I've done more than I thought . Anyway, I'll save that for next time . Instead , I'll show some little bits I've stitched for the kids . (Not recent finishes by the way)
Thomas for my train mad boy .
Kipper , doing a little jig .

Kipper again , jigging the other way . Don't you just love it when they both want the same thing ?

I reversed the chart and girlied up the frame for this one , lol.BOTD Fairy Girl . The frame fits it perfectly , not bad for an off the shelf from Wilko's .We just added sequins and glittery stickers ,as you do .A Somebunny cover kit .And my Daughters' birth sampler . I loved this , but ended up making up the b/s as I went along and the chart for it wasn't great.

Still not done a birth sampler for my Son . I've got a Popcorn one , just not sure it's boyish enough . I'll have to make my mind up soon and get one on the go for him .

Thanks for the comments . I've been a bit slack posting them myself this week with all the aggro , but have tried to catch up bit today.

My car is now all sorted after having some work done , so off to collect it tomorrow . A reverse of the trip on Wednesday . At least I'm getting plenty of exercise ,lol .

Thanks for dropping by ,



Jacqui said...

My 2 yr old granddaughter loves the choo-choo one.

Jane said...

Cath, I'm exhausted just reading about your chaotic week, roll on the weekend and a couple of days of winding down!
Such cute stitching, I remember doing the same when my trio were all young then we went through a stage when it wasn't 'cool' to have mums stitching in your bedroom but DD, about to turn 17, has just hung her pink bear birth sampler back up so I guess it meets with approval again!!!
Have a good weekend xxx

Fiona said...

very nice pictures there :) there is a newton's law birth sampler which might be more boyish, its of newton hanging on a washng line witha a baby bib & bootees.

Jules said...

All so very cute and lovely!

mbroider said...

Lovely WIP pics - loved the Kipper ones, somebunny and the birth sampler

Lesleyanne said...

Love your stitching especially the bang on the door frame customised by yourselves. I have a soft spot for Thomas the Tank Engine too. You really have been busy this week. I hope next week is a bit quiter for you.

Shellie said...

Wow what a busy week you've had.
great past projects
Happy Stitching

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Gorgeous baby sampler, I agree Tatty Teddy charts are hard to read the backstitch.

Hazel said...

What great pics of your finishes! Love the Thomas one and I know my boy would too. xx

Rhona said...

Sounds a real hectic week!
Love the Kipper stitching. Kipper was always a favoutite of my kids, think we had every Kipper book ever published!!

Sally said...

Lovely finishes Cath.

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

beautiful pics, sounds like you've had as hectic a week as me lol

i love the thomas chart btw where did you get it my youngest would love it as he mad about thomas

Julie said...

Very busy week. Lots of lovely stitching, the Somebunny is so cute!

Lumiruusu said...

Lovely stitchings as allways,Cath! :)

Especially the Somebunny To Love pattern was so cute!!

Great proggres with "the dandelions..

Have you noticed that there are lovely Chicken Alphabets-chart in the newest issue
of World Of Cross Stitching???
Very sweet grey and brown chickens ,I liked it a lot :)

Melanie said...

Adorable finishes!! :)