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Monday, 24 January 2011


Thank Goodness It's Monday.
No ,the weekend was not much better , lol .
Saturday morning , 3 am saw me up with my Daughter who had an upset tummy. Trips to the loo every ten minutes for the first hour or so , then a bit bigger gap in between . I put the old cot mattress on the floor in her room , with a big quilt , but was not very comfy as from my knees down was hanging off , lol .
At twenty past five , she'd been quiet for a while , so I thought I might get away with going back to bed , when she rolled over and said "Mummy , I think I actually managed to get to sleep for a bit " Gee, thanks kid. My reply was , "Great , now see if you can do it again " , "No , I need the toilet " . So at some point after 6am I got to sleep for a while , only to be woken by my lovely girl turning the night light off , so I could sleep as she knows I don't like having the light on . Bless .
Anyway , up and at 'em , got sorted then went and did the grocery shopping . I normally go Friday mornings , but couldn't fit it in with collecting the car . Daughter was fine ,and stayed so for the rest of the day , so we took the kids to a birthday party late afternoon . Another full and busy day .
Yesterday was our cooking round the world meal with my Husbands' family , so he was in the kitchen making a mess most of the day , while I felt fairly ropey. For some reason I always feel worse the second day after a bad night . Nice meal , but we got back later than planned ,so the kids were late in bed and we just flopped .
Today was extra nursery for my Son , but got a call mid afternoon to say he wasn't feeling well , so I went and picked him up , only to go back half an hour later for the end of school. He was fine as soon as he got home , so not too worried , though he has gone to bed early tonight ,lol.
Anyway , some stitching . Here's a pic of Dandy Dreams which I took Saturday morning .
I stitched on it a bit on Saturday , though Friday saw a frog come visiting , so had to unpick and redo a lot that had been done on Thursday . Also done some today , so more progress than this now .
And , just remembered I didn't show my end of year ort collection , so here it is . The pot is getting some more bits in now , so see how I go .

I also thought I'd share a recent pic of my boys . Still cute and cuddling . Thanks for dropping by ,and thanks for the lovely comments ,



Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress. I always feel worse the second day of an interrupted night with the children. Gorgeous pictures of your two cats. Hope the children are well again.

Meadows08 said...

After a night like that I almost feel like I've been drinking the night before! Glad to here your daughter is feeling better and that your son is ok.

Lovely progress on your stitching and sweet kitties!

Peggy Lee said...

Oh I hate it when a day's stitching needs to be frogged! One step forward, two steps back.

Hope you are able to catch up on your sleep. It's amazing how long it takes to recover from one bad night. It doesn't get any easier with age!

Beautiful stitching!

Carol said...

Oh, I well remember those late nights with sick children! Hang in there...

Love your WIP and the kitties are so precious--they look like dear friends :)

Julie said...

Awww what a cutie kitty pic, they looks so gorgeous and snuggly!

Super ORT jar, lots of lovely colours in there.

Hope the kids are fit and well again and you have caught up on your missed nights sleep

Pointed Stitcher said...

Sorry your little girl was sick. Your stitching looks great and I loved the pics of your cats.

Dawn said...

Hi Cath,
I hope little one is feeling better night and your son also. I should have read this first before sending your p.m. in the group lol.

Love your stitching! What a shame some of it had to come out though. I expect you have caught up by now tho :-))

I am on my second jar of orts since seeing the one you posted a while ago. What do you do with yours when the jar is full lol. Mine go on the fire in a nice fat ball.....

Dawn xx

Elaine said...

Sorry to hear the kids haven;t been well Cath.
Lovely progress on Dandy.
Great kittie pic.