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Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Girls on the Block .

I'm very excited . The weather here has been lovely ,so after taking the kids to a birthday party this morning (11-1) , and having some lunch ,we went out and got some more chooks.
I've been after some more for a while now , as the garden seemed empty with just two , but we had to wait for the right time .
So ,we've got two Light Sussex hybrids and a Black Rock hybrid , and they are lovely .

This is BlossomBossy IIAnd OllieHessy and Bessie are not too impressed right now . Bessy has had to assert herself as the boss so has fluffed up and jumped on the new girls a bit , but it soon settled down . Hessy isn't too bothered , she just likes a quiet life , but she sided with Bessie when Blossom stood her ground , so I think they will soon establish the new pecking order . So , I am a very happy bunny. The new girls aren't laying yet , so they have time to get settled into their new home , and I get to watch them when I'm doing the pots . See , there are silver linings ,lol.

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Marlene said...

I had chickens years ago, they are the most restful things to watch.

Sarah said...

Oh what lovely girls I cannot wait to be able to have chickens one day. I bet their eggs will be delicious.

Ranae said...

I love your chickie pics

Dawn said...

Well done you! Are these rescue hens as well?

Christine said...

They're lovely. I'd like chickens but we've got a lot of foxes around here.

Melanie said...

Love the chickens!!! The husband keeps bugging me to get some.

Ian said...

We need an update, 4 eggs by dinner so unless Hessy and Bessy are on overtime......;-)