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Monday, 11 April 2011

Stitching and Chickens .

Quick update on the new girls , two of them laid yesterday , which was a big surprise .

Theirs are the two eggs in the middle . they are a bit smaller than the others at the moment , but the girls still have to grow to full size .

Thought I'd better show some stitching too , lol. I mentioned a couple of things I was doing for the kids ,well here they are . Two Pikachu (s) .

Mu niece has downloaded some of the original Pokemon cartoons to her laptop , and they were all watching them couple of weeks ago. My 4 yr old, and 6 yr old , and 15yr old niece , lol . They were totally glued to the screen. Anyway , my two like Pikachu best so I got a couple of charts and stitched them up. They need to be finished off , with some felt at the back or something , but the kids like them.

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Anonymous said...

love the blog cath, and the chooks too


sorbert said...

Well done on the Pikachu finishes. I have to admit I pefer the original Pokemon as well. But haven't watched them in a long time!

Julie said...

Woohoo .... eggies, just need some bread soldiers and that would be heaven.

Pikachu is cute, my kids loved him best too

Ginnie said...

glad the chickens are settling in well. Pikachu looks sweet I remember my girls being mad about Pokemon. !

Michelle said...

Cute stitching. Glad to see the hens are doing well!

carol fun said...

Fresh eggs - how wonderful! The Pokemon are cute. My son still loves that series even as grown up -

Crystal said...

fresh eggs yummy. Great job on the finishes, my daughter loved Pokemon.

Justflo said...

My son and his family had chickens for a while and loved the fresh egg supply.

Well done with the Pokemon

Sally said...

Nice looking eggs :)

Pikachu looks fantastic. Both my girls are still into Pokemon!

Jane said...

Well done girls ~ happy chooks = eggs-a-plenty!
My sons still have all their Pokemon bits & pieces stored in boxes in their cupboards. They hate to admit it now their 'cool' teenagers but they still enjoy them and could probably name each and every one of them xxx

Rhona said...

Both my kids loved Pokemon....but that was many moons ago! Your stitching looks lovely, glad the kids like it, what are you going to make them into?

Mmmm, fresh eggs how wonderful!

Siobhan said...

Like Rhona, I have fond memories of when my kids were into Pokemon! Your Picachu (I can't spell it!) looks too cute!

Angela P said...

The Pokemon finishes are so cute! My Son loves them too :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh Pikachu!!! Remember those days!