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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Rhona at Tangled Threads has given me the Stylish Blogger award , so thank you very much Rhona , I am honoured .

If you haven't visited Rhona's' blog ,please do so , she is a great stitcher and fantastic designer too.

So , rules of the award are 1)Thank the person who gave it to you .

2) List seven things about yourself , and

3) Pass it on to fifteen other blogs .

The seven things about myself is the part I was struggling with ,lol , so here goes.

1. I like banana sandwiches , when I was a kid I had it with ketchup (I know) , now I like it with peanut butter .

2. I drink tea at home and other peoples' houses , but drink coffee if I'm out .

3. I do not wear a watch , and haven't for years.

4. I have my ears pierced three times , and haven't worn earrings for about nine years. I can still get earrings in the first holes , but not the others though.

5. I am very short sighted , and also have a condition that makes my eyes a funny shape , so even with glasses my vision is not brilliant.

6. I hate shopping , especially for shoes .

7. I love to read , and could read pretty well before starting school . I have just finished my 43rd book of the year.

Now to pass it on to 15 other blogs . This was difficult too ,as I follow over 200 blogs , but I have chosen ones that I read regularly and enjoy a lot. There are a lot more , but I'm trying to stick to the rules . Some may have already been given this award ,and some may be no award blogs , but to be honest , I can't be doing with faffing about checking.

I'm not linking these blogs , but they can all be found on my sidebar . In no particular order ,

Beth at Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles ,

Sally at Stitchyangels Treasures ,

Sharon at It's Daffycat ,

Nia at Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim ,

Jane at Buttons and Stitches ,

Lesleyanne at Lesleyannes Life of Stitches ,

Marlene at Poppy Patchwork ,

Lainey at Laineys' Stitching Hoose ,

Lisa at Lisa V's Lounge ,

Hazel at Quietly Stitching ,

Loulee at Manxgirl ,

Mylene at Mylenes' blog ,

Becky at Becky Bees Stitching Hive ,

Theresa at Shakespeares' Peddlar ,

Patty at Hanging on by a Thread ,

Thank you to all these stylish bloggers for giving my plenty of reading and enabling , lol .

No news on the job front , just lots of forms to fill in and questions to answer at the moment .

I don't have much progress on Newton either , not been stitching much , I'm knitting at the moment instead . It keeps my hands busy while my mind is away with the fairies .

Thanks for dropping by ,



Colleen said...

Congrats, Cath! I love your blog and all your projects. Hope the stress level is easing for you.
Hugs, Colleen

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats on the award, Cath. I follow a lot of blogs too, and I wouldn't know who to give it to either!! I follow a lot of the same blogs you do! Good luck on the job front, and can't wait to see what you're knitting!!

Marlene said...

Thank you for the award, I to love your blog and look forward to your post

Lisa V said...

Thank you Cath for the nomination.