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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Knitting and news.

You probably won't remember , but way back in March I went through a stitching funk. As I don't watch much TV , I was getting fed up in the evening with having nothing to do , so I madly went and bought some knitting needles and wool.
The last time I did any knitting was when my eldest sister was pregnant with her first child. My niece is nineteen in October ,so you can guess I was a bit rusty.
I did hats, bonnets, jackets,cardigans , leggings ,pods , mittens , pretty much everything baby related , but this time I just wanted something to keep my hands busy .
So ,while the weather was warming up outside , I started knitting scarves ,lol .
This one was supposed to be mine , but I couldn't find any more wool the same ,so it's a little short .
One for my Son ,
And one for my Daughter .
I got back into the stitching for a while , but lately the stress has got to me again , so the knitting needles have made another comeback.
Squares for the jumpers and blankets for Stitch for Charity ,
Teeny prem baby hats , which I've just started doing .And here's one modelled by one of my Daughters' dolls , lol

I hope to get back into my stitching soon , hopefully things will calm down bit. DH has got a job interview coming up , so fingers crossed for that .

If you followed Terri's' site at Dixie Samplar designs ,the site has been lost , but you can now follow her new blog here . Go and have a look anyway . She's also having a giveaway to get her new blog going .

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Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Your knitting looks great. It is a a great change when your stitching mojo disappears :) Good Luck for your DH with his interview

Marlene said...

I love your knitting, I too love knitting squares, but once I have finished one, I just add the next colour and and up with long strips, saves all the sewing together, which I hate

Jane said...

It's nice to have a change now and then Cath and you've made some lovely bits and the colours are all gorgeous.
How do you keep your 4" squares so flat? mine insist on curling up at the edges, guess it's because I'm such a tight knitter. One other question about the square ~ do we have to sew the ends in????
Good luck and fingers crossed for your DH ~ it's good news xxx

♥ Nia said...

oh you reminded me when I was little and my mum used to do clothes for my dolls too :)

Mouse said...

well good luck with the knitting .. I can't ..lol something to do with the size of the needles me thinks heheheh. best wishes to you DH in the job front :) .. take care and happy stitching/knitting :) love mouse

Sarah Beth said...

You have really outdone yourself. I really like the scarf you made for yourself. The colors are so bright and cheerful. Your daughters one is pretty too. The babies hats are nice. When I get stressed I crochet. One time when I was in the hospital for an extended period of time I crocheted all the nurses scarves out of ribbon yarn. It really helped my nerves.

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Cath, I'm so sorry you're stressed. I so hope it gets better for you soon. I will say a prayer that the interview goes well for your dh. Wishing you all the best.

Siobhan said...

Your knitting looks great! Anything that keeps the stress a bit more manageable is a blessing, IMHO. Best of luck to your husband with the job interview!

Sally said...

Love all your knitting :)
Good luck to your DH for his interview.

Gill - That British Woman said...

wish I could knit, but I am hopeless. Been reading a lot recently rather than stitching, must get back into it soon,

Gill in Canada

Lana said...

Sometimes we need a little change and that is fine! Your knitting is beautiful!!! And like Gill, I wish I could knit too! But for now I gotta stick with the stitching...and reading...lol, those are my two passions!

Julie said...

Super knitting

Good luck to DH for the interview, i hope all goes well