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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Stitching and Swapping

Hi everyone , and welcome to the new followers . Good to see you , please feel free to drop me a line if you want to.
Well , the Old McDonald's' farm quilt turned out to be needed sooner rather than later , so I offered to stitch up all the remaining squares for it. As some had to be duplicated , I changed the colours round a bit , lol.
The little dog was originally charted facing the other way , and was a tan brown colour. I thought black and white was more apt ,as he'll look like a sheepdog , lol.Daisy as charted ,And as a slightly different colour . I have to say , I prefer this colour way . Petal facing the opposite way .Neddy as charted Woolly facing the opposite way ,and different colour . I hate stitching white on white , so this one is 3865And this one is ecru . I enjoyed stitching them , but I'm glad they're done ,and on their way to Jane to be made up into the quilt . I hope the little boy likes it when it's done. (And no , they weren't given names , that is me being odd , lol. )

In other stitching news , Lisa and I have just completed our private exchange ,and it was lovely.

We agreed on the exchange earlier this year , but I wanted to wait until June to make sure everything was sorted from my year long exchange with Lainey , and get a few other bits done. Funnily enough , I posted mine out the day before Lisa , yet I got mine from her a few days before she got mine , lol.

Anyway , this is what I received

I love receiving these kind of parcels. Look at all the goodies.Fabby , pins , buttons,kreinik thread and a gorgeous reindeer.A lovely chart I've never seen before . Also , I've never made a needle roll , so lots of firsts for me in this package.Lisa chose to stitch me CCNs' Cherry Hill , using the recommended threads and made it into a pin keep. I'm sure you will agree that it is gorgeous. I didn't have anything by CCN , and this is my first pin keep , and I totally love it.Isn't he fabulous. I'm going to have to keep an eye on him though, my Daughter has been dropping hints. She loves pretties ,especially sparkly ones , and she loves Christmas.

This is what I sent to Lisa. the chart is a freebie from the Workbasket , I'm fairly sure it's called Quaker Hedgehog. It was my first choice of charts to stitch , and after several times changing my mind , I came back to it.He's finished as a kind of pin keep , with a pocket for scissors at the back.The scissor fob is the centre of the hedgehog chart made into a full motif, I thought it turned out quite well.And the other goodies : Two pieces of even weave , DMC linen threads, a chart from Lisa's' wish list , notebook and a Tudor Rose Pin. I'm very pleased that Lisa likes it all , so another successful exchange . Another big Thank you Lisa , I've really enjoyed this.

I also took part in Lainey's' Summer tea party exchange, which I have received ,and I think my partner has received hers ,so hopefully we'll be able to show pics soon. There has been some delays with the problems with Canada post , but hopefully it will be sorted now.

Still no news re. my husbands' job. The company that bought them out are too busy dissolving their other recent purchases (Habitat and HMV) at the moment ,so will get round to letting them know what's happening at some point.

Thanks for dropping by everyone ,

Take care ,



Lesleyanne said...

Lovely exchange sent and received. Keeping my fingers crossed for your husband's job. Lovely squares for the quilt.

Teresa said...

Your little animals are too cute! I think you both did well in the exchange.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Topcho said...

Hi, I found your blog through Lisa's! Your part of the swap is awesome too, love the Hedgehog and the complementing scissor fob. And all those cute animals! <3

Anonymous said...

that is a some exchange you did between you, what wonderful stash you got! lots to keep you both busy

Jules said...

So many lovelies!

♥ Nia said...

Adorable stitching!!
I love Woolly, so cute =) Great change of colors :D

Lisa V said...

Hi Cath, thanks for a great exchange, really enjoyed it. Hope we can do it again some day.

mdgtjulie said...

Your farm animals are just darling, Cath. Sooo cute, and I love the way you changed them up so they would look different. I also name things, so don't feel bad. I have a cat pattern (it's just the silhouette) and I did a positive cat and a negative cat. Positive is Gwen the Green Cat, and negative is Whit the White Cat. I had to make them alliterative, lol. Good luck to your husband again. I will keep you on my prayer list!!

Christine said...

Two beautiful exchange packages, and your quilt animals are adorable

Sally said...

Wow what fantastic exchanges! Love the quilt squares too. They are so sweet.

Keeping my fingers firmly crossed for your DH.

Lynn said...

Your farm animals are adorable and will make a wonderful quilt!
There are some wonderful things in that exchange, both given and received. I love the chart you sent to Lisa. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with everything!

Dawn said...

A lovely lot of goodies here Cath!
I love the little hedgehog pin and scissor keep you made, looks gorgeous!

Sorry I haven't been here for a while :-(