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Monday, 23 January 2012

Orts and ends.

Just realised that I did not update my ort pot for last year. I don't participate in the TUSAL , but I do like to keep track of my bits and bobs.
So this is my orts from last year . Now ,I admit that not all of them are from last years stitching , at one point I was clearing up a bit and dragged all the bits of thread out of the cover kits that I'd stitched etc, so there are some stragglers. But, I also filled a box with usable bits of thread , whether I will actually get round to using them is another matter ,lol .

Got some more bargains just before Christmas , with these two kits at 1/4 original price. My kind of stash. I went out for a couple of hours me time the other day , and picked this up from one of the charity shops. I have the first one already, and there are some nice charts in here . My kids have already picked out a few. This year I am hoping to do more things for them , as they have been very patient and understanding while I have been stitching for charity. I also called in at my LNS and picked up some fabric. A friend recently gave me these rolls of lace , they are a bit stretchy, but look really pretty so I'm sure I can find a use for them ,lol . And this is my newly started ort jar for this year . I am busy stitching away , but can't show anything at the moment ,as I'm working on some RAKs. I have four stitched,and two of those are made up , and now I'm working on the fifth . I'm really enjoying it ,and it's nice to stitch what I want when I want .

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Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful lace!
I have an ORT jar that I've used for over a year that I keep pressing down. It's pretty solid right now. I supposed I should take a picture of it.

cucki said...

Hello dear,I love your new stash so much..beautiful lace..
Have a lovely week..
Happy stitching xxx

loulee said...

Wow Cath! I have to come out of Lurdom to ask for more details on the Heron/Egret? Kit, please......
That lace looks very pretty.

Jane said...

Nice kits you found Cath.
I have the 1st Storybook cross stitch book too but didn't know there was a 2nd, do I-spy Tom Kitten on the front cover? will have to hunt that one out even though my kids are all teenagers!!! xxx

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely job on the orts. I just pitched mine out a couple of weeks ago. Not cause it was the end of the year, but because my tin was full. Glad you're enjoying the stitching! That's wonderful. Can't wait to see your RAKs when they've arrived at their new homes.

Lesleyanne said...

Your orts look great. Lovely new buys.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what would yoou use the jar of threads for?

Gill in Canada

Barb said...

Well done on the finishes Cath, and your purchases sounds as if you got bargains.
The lace is simply gorgeous ,we are like magpies arent we ,dont know what we will use it for but must have it.

Mouse said...

well done on the orts ...which LHN shop do you use ??? and nice lace you got too :) love mouse xxx

Anne said...

Great stash find Cathy!! Love the storks pattern and at a great price too! Lovely lace and fabrics!!

♥ Nia said...

Goodies, goodies :) How nice! Those things always makes us smile :D heheheh
Can't wait to see your Margaret Sherry's Cat on stitched :)
Have a great week sweetie!

Shellie said...

Great bargains
I have the storybook cross stitch books too they are great. Hope you are keeping well
hugs Shellie

Sally said...

Wow those kits were real bargains Cath. Nice fabric and lace too. I wish I could fabric from our local craft shop. They don't sell it anymore and when they did they didn't have much.

Bernadett said...

These materials are so beautiful.I mean the linen.Shame I can not buy them in my country...I love them.:)

Julie said...

Tom Kitten looks adorable on the cover of your new book.
Great lace, that will be so useful.
Loving the Margaret Sherry kitty too.

Rhona said...

Great bargains you got! Love the lace, I'm sure you'll find something to use it on.