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Saturday, 18 February 2012

No stitching .

Hi folks .
I have not been doing much stitching again the last couple of weeks . got some RAKs finished , but not yet sent out and stalled a bit as I have been reading and had too much on my mind to settle down with needle and thread .
So , I thought I'd show some other pics instead .
The other weekend, just as the snow hit us (although not very much) we decided to go to Hardwick Park and watch the water birds skating on the ice . We didn't stay long as it was really cold , and set off home just as the snow started to fall.

It was really strange watching the geese ,ducks and swans walking on water ,lol.

This is the big pond , and apart from a very small patch right at the other end , it was totally frozen over . The kids were very excited to find fox paw prints in the snow on our drive . The view from the front garden . We also had another small sprinkling of snow a couple of days later , not worth bothering about , but the flakes were proper snowflakes/star shapes ,which I haven't seen for a lot of years.

That's all for now . I'll be back soon with some pics of a lovely giveaway I won from Barb . Thanks again Barb X


Lynn said...

Great pics! Funny to see all those birds on the ice!

cucki said...

wow super cute pictures...
big hugs cucki xx

Bernice said...

beautiful pics, hope spring comes here soon so those beautiful birds can come back here for the summer.

Barb said...

Oh super pics Cath, envelope should be with you very soon it is on its way.

Julie said...

Stunning pics, what a spectacular view you have.

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Lovely view from your garden.

Topcho said...

Awesome pics! The birds are really cool like this, lol!

stitcheranon said...

Looks beautiful...great pictures xx

♥ Nia said...

Nice guy on that second photo :) heheheh