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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Does anyone love Barney ?

A while ago (ok maybe a couple of years) I stitched some little Barneys and friends , with the intention of making one or two cushion covers for my Daughter. I even managed to find some Barney fabric, which I was pretty excited about .
 However , as it is wont to do , life got in the way and the cushion covers did not get made .

Rifling through my fabric the other day, I came across the little bundle again , but at the grand old age of (almost) 8 , my Daughter has grown out of Barney and says he is for babies .

 So ,what to do ? If anyone out there knows a little person who loves the big purple dinosaur and would like these , I am happy to send them, and the fabric. There are three reasonably sized pieces of fabric , enough to make two cushion covers, especially if you piece with the stitched bits .
 I would hate for them to go to waste , so if you are interested ,please get in touch .
 Thanks .

 I will be back soon with a couple of thank yous and some stitchy updates .



Catherine said...

How about finishing the and donating to a local children's hospital?

Julie said...

I hope Barney can find a new home, he's cute.

Bernadett said...

My sister's son and my friend's daughter.:)
Lovely fabric,I think it was not easy to find it...
It is a very good idea to finish it and give it to charity...
Nice from you to offer it.:)

All the best.:)
(I know your little daughter is not a baby anymore ,as mine either...-9 years old-so I hope I can send her something for big girls:D)


MargaretHolly said...

Hello, You could try World of Charity Stitching. They make small lap quilts for seniors and Ronald McDonald House, etc. They would happy to receive the Barney stitching and fabric. Thanks Joan.

Barb said...

What cute fabric and how generous of you. My Grandson who is 7 says the same thing about "Cars." He says that is all for babies!!

Lisa V said...

You could donate it all to Love Quilts and someone there will make it into a baby quilt for a sick child.

Marilyn said...

I hope you find a good home for Barney.
You've put a lot of work in those!

cucki said...

i love barney too..so much..
and it is so beautiful..
all the best..
love for you xx

Barb said...

Cath you will be sure to find someone to take the purple dinasour.Even my grandchildren are too old now.
I was hoping to see a chicken when you said who likes Barney !!lol.

Cindy's Stitching said...

I would definately be able to use these if someone hasnt claimed them.

Kathy Ellen said...

Love the fabric. A quilting friend of mine loves to make quilts out of cute children's fabric, and machine quilts them, and stores them in her sewing room for gifts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristi Lynn said...

Have you found a home for Barney yet? My niece is 1 and LOVES Barney. I was thinking of making her a quilt for Christmas.