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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Catching up .

Well ,the offer of the Barney stitches and fabric has been gratefully accepted by The World of Charity Stitchers. Thanks to Joan (MargaretHolly) who suggested them . I could not reply to your comment as your profile is set to no replies , but Thank you . I am pleased that they will be put to good use.
 I do stitch for LQUK , but didn't think they would be suitable for them as they request the stitches are on 13" square fabric and the Barneys are just on odd sized scraps , but they will be posted off hopefully sometime next week .

 So, I need to say a belated Thank you to Barb who passed on this lovely chart and spare threads to me .
 Sorry it has taken me a while ,the last couple of weeks of the holidays and first couple of weeks back to school have kept me pretty busy .
 Also , thanks to Loretta who has recently had a giveaway , and I won the Halloween JCS , so looking forward to that arriving .

 So ,a bit of stitching . This is my new project .

And here is where I'm at at the moment . A lot of blue ,lol . Only a little bit more to do on the sky , then onto the cliffs . I'm looking forward to some different colours .
 This is going to be a gift , so I'm hoping to get it done sooner , sadly life has a habit of getting in the way .

 I have also stitched an exchange piece , but can't show it yet , and another one in the pipeline .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


cucki said...

lovely chart and threads from barb..so cute..
congratulation on the win..
lovely wip..
lots of love x

Lesleyanne said...

Great new start. Look forward to seeing your exchange when you are able. Glad you found somewhere to send Barney.

Julie said...

Congrats on your little gifts. Your new start is beautiful.
So pleased Barney found a new home.

Mouse said...

ooo that was good re the barney charts and lovely passing on by Barb of the chart and threads ... nice new start too :) love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

So glad you found a place for the Barney pieces!
How sweet of Barb and congrats on your win!
That sure is a lot of stitches I'm your current piece!

Barb said...

That is an amazing project!

Sara said...

Nice start on your new project!

Donna said...

what you are stitching looks beautiful, so calming, good luck

Sally said...

Love the chart and threads from Barb. So cute.

Love your new project.

Mangogirl said...

great new start :D