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Monday, 24 September 2012


was a good post day .
 I received my JCS Christmas ornament issue. I like it a lot more than last years' issue I have to say, I had a quick flick though at the time then perused at my leisure over the weekend . I am grateful to be able to order these things , but why do people feel that they have to make money on the postage ? I was charged £2.50 for P&P , and it cost £1.20 to post. I'm pretty sure that a plain brown envelope does not cost £1.30 . I have found this increasingly if buying things on line ,and it really annoys .
 We all know the benefits of on line auction sites etc. , but people are getting greedy and trying to make more money off purchasers .
 On the other hand , I must praise a company who only charges what it costs to post your items . Thread Bear are great and do not charge until your items have been packed and they know how much it is going to cost to post out .
 Well, I wandered a bit off track there ,lol . Back to the post day .

  I also received the JCS Halloween issue that I won in Lorettas' giveaway , so thanks again Loretta. I wouldn't normally buy this one , but it is really nice and I've found a few things I'd like to stitch .

A couple of charts from the Christmas issue , love this first one .

And from the Halloween one . I can see myself doing this one more than once ,lol .

There are lots more , but these have really caught my eye .

 I also received my Animal Antics exchange parcel from Stitched With Love Exchanges , but can't show it yet . It's a secret exchange so I don't know who sent it , so Thanks mystery partner.

I have just finished stitching my Fall exchange piece ,and I love it . Got to stitch this one for myself , but can't show that yet either ,lol . Lots of teasers, lol .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


cucki said...

beautiful charts..
so little time and so much on my wish list...
happy stitching xxx

Melanie said...

I really like this year's issue too!!!!
And I agree that a lot of online sellers charge too much for shipping. Sometimes it's just laziness, like they only offer Priority shipping because then they can get the shipping supplies from the PO for free vs. sourcing their own. I stick to people who charge reasonable rates. :)

Bernadett said...


The magazines are great.I understand your,,anger"...My country is not in the EU so I pay quiet much for the customs when I send to other countries not to talk about overseas.That is why I am sad.:(But of course I love the opportunity that I can have exchanges ,through I can have accessories for my hobby ,which I can not buy in my country...you know about this.And I can not buy any magazines either...It will be better...Someday.:)
I can not wait to see your exchanges.:)

All the best.:)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am quilting at the moment, need to pick up some x-titching as well.


Marilyn said...

Great stashing Cath!
I too like the deer ornament, it looks so peaceful.

Barb said...

You have encouraged me to get that magazine. I totally agree with you about shipping. Sometimes I shop around and buy from the person who is most fair about postage.

Christine said...

I found more designs I'm likely to stitch in this year's mag too. I'd not seen the Hallowe'en one, but that little cat design is adorable

Chris said...

Great mail day!!

stitcheranon said...

I really cant afford to buy this year which is a shame but as soon as people see Ireland on the postage, all the prices go up! Still I shall enjoy watching your finishes, especially the deer..that really is pretty!

♥ Nia said...

I'm curious to see which one you'll stitch first :)

Sally said...

I can hardly wait to get the Christmas ornament mag. I think it'll be mid October as my newsagent gets it for me. I love the deer ornament.

Mylene said...

I am waiting for mine too. Looking forward to see what you will stitch from the magazine..