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Friday, 5 October 2012

Help please .

Does anyone have one of these lap frames , or have experience of them ?
I am considering investing in one of these , but I'm not sure if it is exactly what I'm looking for .
 I have a floor stand , but while it is great for taking the weight of a large frame ,I like easy access to the back of the work which is not always possible with a floor stand .
 I'm wondering if these type of frames are comfortable to use and if they allow easy access to the back of the work , without having to lift off the scroll frame all the time .
 Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated .
 Thanks ,


cucki said...

Oh dear I don't have this one..so sorry I can't help you with this..
Good luck
Hugs xxx

Barb said...

I had one sort of like that for quilting. It was great to be in your lap. As I have not seen the one you show, I'm not sure. It looks very interesting.

♥ Nia said...

Can't really help in here =/ but I hope you'll find some great advices from your followers!! :)

Dawn said...

I have never seen one like that before.
I do have a lap stand that I got here in canada. I use mine on a desk tho but you can use it on a couch if needed. It flips back and forth easily.
I have never had any problems with my stand ever and I had it for 8 plus years. I really want the floor stand now.

Julie said...

I have a lap frame, it came from Sew and So, it's a plastic clip frame type, works wonderfully and there are 2 different sizes you can buy. http://www.sewandso.co.uk/ran1632-0.html

Bernadett said...

Unfortunately I can not help.:(

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry can't help you but looks like a neat frame