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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Show and tell . (Lots)

Well ,after not much at all to blog about , I now have lots to catch up on ,lol .
 First off, I received a lovely e-mail from Marilyn , to let me know that she had received her giveaway package , and she likes it , thankfully . Then , Sharon posted on her blog that she had received hers , so just waiting for Lynns' to arrive and we're all sorted.
 This is what I sent to Marilyn :
 And this one was for Sharon .
I had to order the charts and wait for them to arrive , so it took a wee while .
 I will show what I sent to Lynn  when she has received it.

 Secondly , it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago , and the lovely Bekca of the Stitching Lion had chosen me to receive her birthday RAK for September . Look at the lovely goodies she sent me .

 There were also a couple of packets of sweets. but they disappeared with my Daughter ,lol .
I also got a new kit for my birthday from my lovely hubby .
 It is much prettier than this photo shows, I can't seem to get the colours right at the moment. I mostly got money for my birthday , hence the debate on the lap stand. I'm still undecided ,lol .

 And , this is what I was up to most of yesterday .
 My Daughters' friend asked me ages ago to stitch her a Pokemon , and this is the one she chose. I finally got round to making it into a little pillow for her ,and as it was her birthday yesterday, wrapped it up and gave it to her .
 I'm quite pleased with it , and my hidden closing seams are getting better .
  Also made up the cushion covers for my two . They chose the fabrics themselves , but didn't know I was doing them yesterday , so got a nice surprise this morning . It took me ages last night to sew on the closing snaps.

Almost lastly, progress on Calm Seas .
 I have almost finished this cliff , only two more and the beach to go ,lol .
 Notice my needle minder in the top right corner ? I was browsing around wilkos and spotted these .
 I wouldn't use them for bookmarks , but they are perfect for needle minders .

They hold the needle really well ,
and are strong enough to hold scissors too.
 I like them so much , I went back and bought some more to share , so I'm going to have a little competition .

 If you would like the chance to win some of these fab little magnets, leave me a comment on this post only, telling me how many projects you have on the go right now. I mean projects that you are actually working on , not just things lying around .
 This is open to followers only ,though new ones are welcome to join in too . I'll leave it open until the end of the month , so feel free to comment until the 31st October , and I'll let you know who wins sometime after that .
 If you are still reading , thank you , it's a very long post ,lol .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


Wendy said...

Hm, let's see:
crochet stacking toy
crochet rug
crochet blanket
sewing - tea wallets
sewing - curtain
sewing - chair covers
sewing - wiggly bags
Hardanger piece
Cross stitch dancers
Crewel work flowers
Crewel work fireguard
embroidered flower
peyote stitch necklace
applique alphabet chart
so that makes 14... I might have forgotten one or two...

Catherine said...

Lovely gifts sent and received! You've been busy with all of your projects!!

stitcheranon said...

A long but very interesting post love the charts you gave away: I don't suppose you remember what they were do you?
I have three biggish projects on the go and am mad into my christmas ornies, cross stitch and other forms. The Needle minders are a great idea: I usually use my familie's feet to find the ones I keep losing..well, it is nice to involve them in my hobbies isnt it rofl xxxx
I have been humming and hahing re: lap stand for about two years now: I guess one of us is going to have to make the leap and give on a go lol!

Lesleyanne said...

Your finishes are gorgeous. I haven't mastered invisible seems yet even slightly. Great progress on your wip - it looks lovely.

~*Sharee*~ said...

You've sure been busy hun; what a great idea using these book markers..I only am stitching on one project; Lizzie Kate's Halloween Mystery Sampler, I'm so close to getting it done, but seemed to have lost my stitching "mojo" the past few days..lol I need to get started on my xmas ornies..times flying..

Hugs, Shar

cucki said...

wow very lovely gifts sent and received and pretty stitching..
have a lovely week xxx

Julie said...

Beautiful finishes, your cushions are fabulous. Well done on the closing sem, looks perfect to me.

Rhona said...

Your cushions look fabulous! Great idea using the bookmarks as needle keepers! I've got four projects on the go just now. Two large ones and two small ones to keep me motivated!

Barb said...

Great finishes. The pillows are so cute. I'm working on two projects right now, The Christmas Garden and November Word Play. Great closing seams!

♥ Nia said...

Lovely gifts, sent and received! :)
Your seam on the pillow looks great :D well done!!

Chris said...

Wow Cath! You have been busy!
The exchange is lovely. I love the piece that you did for your daughter's friend. All of your finishing looks great!
Have a lovely week!

Marilyn said...

I am not entering for the draw, because I have already gotten a great pkg from you! Thanks!
I just wanted to say what a beautiful Swan kit you received!
It's gorgeous. Also, you did some great finishes on all of the pillows. And thanks for the peek at the magnets, that's a great idea for a needle minder.

Sally said...

Lovely giveaway packages and I love what you received for your birthday.

Fantastic Pokemon stitching:)

pj said...

Great seams!!! And lovely finishes. I am so intrigued by this bookmark magnet...would love to try one out! Thanks for sharing.

WIPS - I try not to have numerous projets in progress so at the moment I have two but am finishing them up soon so I can start on some ornaments for Christmas. Holidays always suck me in and I love the fall colors so needle is flying.

pjstitcher at mchsi dot com

Melanie said...

So many great little projects!! You are ROCKING the invisible seams! I have to look up how to do that every single time - can NEVER remember how to do it. (Much like colonial knots.) It really does make all the difference for closing up pillows though, doesn't it?

Bernadett said...


Lovely gifts .:)
The pillows are very cute.:)
I have eight projects on the way(+3)...:D

All the best.:)

Caitlin Jordan said...

ooo pretty pillows :D I love how you have finished them all.

well... projects ...

1. bear keyring
2. Afternoon Tea HAED
3. Winter Fairy - JE
4. '99 - Ink Circles
5. Christmas penguin Angel

I think that is all... I'm not 100% sure though.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have way too many on the go to count, I just need the time and someone to kick me up the butt to get me going!!