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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fractures,Fish and Freezing Fog .

With not a lot of time for anything else.

Sorry , no stitching to show today. I have only managed to do a tiny bit on LK ABC Lessons, and haven't taken a picture.
 Life has been fairly hectic of late. As well as all the regular doctors. hospital and other appointments , my mum-in-law slipped on the ice last week and broke her wrist. Well, to put it more accurately she smashed up her wrist quite badly, so we were to and fro the hospital for a few days. She only has a temporary cast on at the moment as it was swelling up and due to the severity of the break , she may need surgery. We will know more on Friday when she goes back for a check up .

 Both kids asked for fish for Christmas , so we have been busy running round trying to get them tanks and things to go with the tanks ,and fish . My Daughter has cold water , so she got her first fish today and is so excited,lol . The boy wants tropical so though we have set up his tank , he won't get his first fish until the weekend. I can't believe how stressful this has been , though obviously the worry of MIL hasn't helped. It has to be said though , that she is still very independent and we haven't had to do much . I am really tired and won out though . Hopefully things will settle down soon.

 The temperatures have been getting much colder , and last night we had freezing fog , which left the world around us frosty and white. I thought I'd take a few snaps as there is no stitching to look at .

 That's all for now . Hopefully I'll be back soon with some crafty things to show, as I have made a few gifts recently.
 Thanks for dropping by ,


stitcheranon said...

Oh no, that is all you guys need. I hope the swelling goes down soon and they can do what they need to do: such a painful area as well. Ew...fish lol. Good luck with that xx

cucki said...

It is really very cold ..I wish I can see snow one day :)

Barb said...

Cath, that freezing fog is just beautiful!! I especially like the spider webs. Hope things settle down for you real soon. Best wishes to your MIL.

Lesleyanne said...

Hope your MIL gets better soon. Great frosty pictures. Hope the fish settle in well.

Julie said...

Lots of get well wishes for your MIL. I hope she doesnt have to have surgery so near to Christmas and they can get the proper cast on.
mmm fish for Christmas, i thought you meant for dinner for a minute!! lol

Julie x

Chris said...

I hope that your MIL's recovery goes well and there is good news at the appt. tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. That is amazing, we don't get anything like that here!

♥ Nia said...

Sorry to hear abour your MIL, it must be hard for her to recover at her age.. =/
Your photos are pretty but.. it loooks so co-o-o-o-o-old :p I miss Summer so much!!!
I can see your kids will be very happy after all that work to get evertyhing it's needed :p ohhh they will have fun later! And taking care of any kind of animal is really good for kids :)
hugs&smiles to you!!

Catherine said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your mum~in~law!
Beautiful frozen pictures ~ thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Very pretty pictures.
Healing thoughts for you MIL!!