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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Heaven and Earth Designs

Yep , I'm back and much sooner than I expected .
 The laptop needed a new hard drive , and luckily they had one in and got it fitted pretty quickly. I was most fortunate that it wasn't totally wrecked , just dry in places , so they were able to clone all the info on it ,so no charts , photos or other important stuff was lost . Thank goodness for people who know what they're doing.

 So , HAED , well if you remember , my planned first start of the year was to be one of their charts , and it happened. I started SK Butterflies Galore on the 1st of Jan, and this is my progress so far .
  This gives a better idea of the colours. I did all of the dark blue in five days , which I was pleased with as I expected it to take longer .
 Starting and working on this did make me have a re-think of my plans for the year etc . I had intended to stitch SK The Key for my nieces' 21st birthday, and when I started this one I also got that chart printed out to check things . I figured that to have it finished in time for the date , I would have to commit to at least 100 stitches a day ,every day from now until some time in September , and as I don't always stitch every day , it would probably have to be more , which would mean all of my stitching time for basically three quarters of a year would be signed away on something to be given away .

 I just couldn't do it.

I just knew that I would really end up resenting the commitment ,hating every stitch and not completing it , so decided not to start it . I will stitch it at some point ,and I may even give it to my niece , but I can't give up most of a years stitching time like that .

 It also made me realise that I am pretty much unlikely to ever complete a full HAED design, so I have reviewed my wish list and removed some charts so now I just have QS and SK charts on there , and maybe a few minis ,lol .
 These are the charts I bought in the New Year Sale ,

QS Marna
 Mini Autumn Owl Trio
 Mini Payton
 And Faces of Faery 177
 I still have a pretty big wish list and I'm sure I will add to it ,lol .

 So , this has also made me review my stitching plans for the year . I probably won't do The Key this year,but I plan to finish Butterflies Galore and then start another HAED. After finishing up my WIPs. I will have one HAED, one other medium-large design and a few smalls on the go. Other than that , I'm making no real decisions . I have loads of fantastic charts and kits I want to stitch , but I'm going to enjoy the stitching and just do whatever I want to do, with no pressure .

 I was also the very lucky winner of a gift certificate on Catheys' blog and I have had great fun shopping. With the pc problems taking all of my Christmas money , at least I will be getting some new stash this year , so a big Thank you to Cathey and also to Anita of Little Stitches, who has been fantastic to deal with .

Well ,that's all for now . Thanks for dropping by ,


cucki said...

Wow very sweet new charts..they are so cute..
Great progress on your stitching..
Congrats for your winning...
Love Cucki x

Lesleyanne said...

Great new start. It looks lovely. Like your plans for 2013 sound very good. Congrats on your win. Enjoy spending your gift voucher.

Cole said...

My New Years start was my first HAED too! Butterfly Ballerina Blue... I have one more that I want to do and then we'll see - I think they'll take me forever!!

Stitchy Heather said...

Glad to see you back and as you say thank god for tech whizzes to save all the important stitchy stuff off the old one. Good luck with the HAED, I'm too scared to start the couple that I got as freebies from their site. Progress is looking good so far though x

Barb said...

Really pretty charts! I am glad your computer was an easy fix!

Marilyn said...

Great progress.
Your HAED choices are nice, cute!
Can't wait to see more of your progress on these.
Congrtas on your winning.

Sally said...

You've made great progress on your HAED Cath. Love the new ones you bought. I have that owl one on my wish list. It's so cute and cheerful too.

So glad your laptop was easily fixed and you didn't lose anything.

Mouse said...

glad you got it sorted out :) well done on the stitching front and also think you have made a wise decision sometimes you just know when to do something different will be better ... and what did you get then ??? :) love mouse xxxxx

Julie said...

Lovely start on your HAED.

Gill - That British Woman said...

just adore the owls chart, that will be wonderful when it's all stitched up.


Bernadett Rauski said...

Nice patterns.:)Good luck with them.:)
My plan is to finish my WIPs.:)
I am happy your PC is back to life.:)

♥ Nia said...

Uhuuuu! you're doing it! Great start :D

Els Moerman said...

I really love your selection of HEADs. They are similar to mine, as I like the ones with flashy colours :-)