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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Weather we like it , or NOT !

Like a lot of others , we had some snow on Monday. The kids thought it was great , apart from being at school and having to have indoor play as they don't let them go out in the snow in case of accidents.
 Anyway , I took them round the corner to the hill after school , and they went sledging for a while , until I got too cold as I forgot to take my gloves .
  Strangely , it was very foggy while it was snowing , as you can see in these pics.

  The following photos were taken this morning , on the way home from dropping the kids in to school .
  The white you can see on the trees,bushes and plants is not snow . It's an accumulation of three days frost and low temps. I think it looks really pretty .

  The forecast is for us to get a lot more snow tomorrow,  so we will see what it brings. My basic animal instincts kick in in bad weather , lol, I just want to fill the cupboards and stay inside . As long as me and my loved ones are safe and warm , I am happy, other wise I get very unsettled.

 Monday was meant to be a stitching day for me , as hubby was at a friends', gaming. With the weather being not so good , I was on edge and couldn't really settle to much , but I made a new start , and finished it on Tuesday night .
This is a freebie by The Little Stitcher, and should have been completed much quicker , but I was busy jumping up and down to check the conditions outside ,lol .
 I have made more progress on butterflies Galore , and also another small new start , but will show them next time.
 Stay safe and warm .

 Cath x


Fiona said...

Lovely photos Cath, we had some snow too on Monday but not very much. Lovely finish too, this design is in my stitching pile for this year but I may have to get to it sooner after seeing yours! Looking forward to seeing butterflies. Keep warm this weekend xx

Catherine said...

Very pretty pictures. We have just been having rain, much to the dismay of my boys!

cucki said...

Wow I love snow..
Cute stitching
Keep warm xxx

Rhona said...

Lovely pics! We just got rid of a load of snow so it was nice to see some grass again.....except it snowed again the following day. I'm like you I want to stay inside...great excuse to get lots of stitching done!

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Your photos are lovely. More snow due soon so take care.

Cole said...

Great pictures! I woke up to a great big pile of fresh snow this morning too!

Carol said...

I'm shivering just looking at all your snowy photos!! Really, really lovely and your little Christmas finish is so cute, Cath!

Barb said...

A cute little Christmas stitch! The snow photos are so pretty. Stay safe!

Christine said...

Beautiful snow pictures. We haven't had so much as a flake in my little corner of Cornwall, I'm quite envious
I love your little Christmas finish

Bekca said...

Those are lovely snow pictures. I'm rather fond of snow, until I have to go outside that is!
Thank you so much for offering to send me some thread. I would very much like to take you up on your offer :) It's Anchor 013. No worries if you don't have it, but it would be brilliant if you did. Thank you for your generosity!
Best wishes.

Gill - That British Woman said...

gorgeous photos Cath. I hate winter as we get sucha lot of snow its a pain in the butt to move it all......enjoy what you have.


Meg said...

Just found you!
Lovely snow photos - we have lots too!
Your stitching is beautiful!

Patty C. said...

Beautiful photos :)

Julie said...

Pretty ornament finish. Great snow pics, we've had lots more today.