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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Brrrr ,it's cold !!!

And I have been made up with cold for over a week now. It is just not funny. I've had enough. With last week being half term too , it made for a pretty boring week for the kids. Most of the time , it was too cold/wet /miserable to do anything. though on one of the finer days ,we went for a (muddy) walk around the local park . I was pleased with a couple of my photos .
  Love this one of the gull flying, it was pure luck as I've got lots of other shots that are all fuzzy or missing bits ,lol .
  Some idiot had thrown prawn crackers in for the water birds to eat.

  And i realised that I haven't shown any recent pics of my boys. It has been so cold ,they have had to resort to snuggling up together, lol .
 I've made a fair bit of progress on Butterflies . This is where I got to before moving the fabric up on the frame .
  Here's the before :
And the after .
 This is where I am now . Not done any for a few days with having this rotten cold and the kids being off. Got the shopping done today , so hopefully tomorrow will be a stitch day .
 So , last week I managed to finish of this cat . It was started in 2011, and was originally meant to be a charity square for a quilt , but the quilt got made earlier than the deadline and so this got left  .
 I quite like it , and think it may well end up going in my sons' direction ,lol.
 I like to have a small easy to pick up project on the go as well. At the moment I'm stitching a small All Our Yesterdays cover kit , but it should be done fairly quickly.
 Thanks for dropping by ,


cucki said...

Your stitching is looking so lovely..the kitty stitching is so cute..
Sending you warm hugs x

Barb said...

I too am fighting this cold and cough thing. With haveing RAtoo it really drags me down. However the pics of the birds and swans made me feel better. Butterflies is coming on a treat and love the cat. Hope you feel better soon Cath,Take Care .

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures from your day out. Your HAED is looking fantastic. A lovely finish for your son.

xstitchatoz said...

Wow, you`ve made such great progress! Love the sleeping cat, how big is it? It`d look great on a round cushion. Lol, going for a muddy walk and feeding the ducks at the pond featured heavily in our break too!

♥ Nia said...

Soooooo very cold! I'm tired of winter =/
Your girl looks gorgeous! Great progress :D

Bekca said...

It's been freezing here too! I for one am certainly looking forward to some spring sunshine :)
Congrats on your beautiful stitching, I love All Our Yesterdays designs :)
Best wishes.

Pam in IL said...

Love all your pics. Great stitching progress too!

Melanie said...

Congrats on finishing the kitty. It looks great. The colors/shading really make him look real from a distance.

Peggy Lee said...

Excellent pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Such cute kitties...so sweet and snug.

Julie said...

WOW! lots of lovely progress on such a pretty project. The cat stitching is adorable and your boys are so cute ... furry head scratches from me to them.

Your pic of the flying gull is awesome, you captured it so beautifully.

{{get well quickly hugs}}

Mylene said...

Congrats on the finish, so cute.
The HAED is coming along beautifully.
Great pictures of your walk around the park.

Kathy Ellen said...

Oh, such beautiful pictures of the flying gull and lovely swans....always so graceful to watch.

Beautiful progress on 'Butterflies' and that gorgeous sweet kitty too.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend.