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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Three cheers .

Happy Valentines Day everyone , especially if you are doing something special .  We don't do Valentines. We say "I love you" pretty much every day , so no need to make a special day for it . It has been very sweet though , as my six year old son has made two lovely pictures with hand written messages for his sweetheart at school , and he brought home two pictures from her , which has made his day ,lol .

 Anyway , on to other things. The other day saw the arrival of the last of my stash .
 This had somehow gotten missed from my order from Anita, so I e-mailed her and she very kindly sent it on. Looking forward to stitching these later in the year .

 I had a little finish last week . Whilst sorting out some stuff I came across this just started cover kit and decided to finish it. It's nice to have something that is easy to pick up and put down as well as a main project.
 Not sure what I'm going to do with him yet, though I'm maybe thinking of making up a little dolly bag , we shall see .

 And , I am up to 200 followers - yahoo!!!, so that means a give away is coming up . I am going to leave it until next month , as it's half term next week and there are things going on etc, plus I would like to know what people would like to win , so I'm going to put a poll up on the sidebar .Please either vote in the poll or leave a comment with what you think would be a good give away prize .

The other big news , is my progress on Butterflies Galore. The face is done !
 The confetti was a pain in the derry , and to be honest , I'm not totally sure a lot of it was necessary. That said , I am loving stitching her and already looking forward to the next one ,lol .
 So , I'm hoping you want to see pics .

  I have done a little bit more since taking these photos , but you get the idea. I am really pleased with how she is turning out .
 Thanks for dropping by ,


Lesleyanne said...

Your Butterflies Galore fairy is gorgeous. I feel your pain with the confetti, stitching Literate Dragon this week. Eeyore is a very cute finish. Congrats on your followers.

Barb said...

Your WIPS are looking great. I love the JBW designs!

Marilyn said...

The Reindeer are too cute.
Great start on Butterflies galore.
Can't wait to see more of this.

cucki said...

the reindeer are so sweetttttttttt
sweet stitching..
have a lovely weekend x

Chris said...

Lovely stash, Lovely stitches.
Congratulations too!!

blue star stitcher said...

Those JBW ornies are great, love the simple colors of them

Wendy said...

wow, she really is coming on!

Mylene said...

Butterflies Galore is looking beautiful!

Happy weekend!

Melanie said...

Oooooo, great progress on her!!! Looking good! :)

Julie said...

Stunning progress, well done. Eeyore is just so cute. Young love....so wonderful. I always love a handmade gift.. I voted for that in your poll.

Anne said...

Happy Valentine's Day Cathy!! Love your new little reindeer charts. Super sweet finish too!!

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh eeyore looks so cute! Adorable =)
Your girls looks amazing! great progress :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

I've got those cute little reindeer too! I should stitch them up this year as well.

Your stitching looks great!!!

Bekca said...

Congratulations on getting such a high number of followers! I'll be sure to look out for your giveaway :) Lovely progress on your Butterflies Galore, it's looking amazing already :)
Best wishes.