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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Up for grabs.

I have started to clear out some bits and bobs , and have some books and charts available if anyone is interested in them.
 There are some proper charts , some from mags and a few hard back books so far. If you want the books , I ask that you pay for the postage, the paper stuff is free for anyone who is interested , but please E-MAIL me and let me know what you like.
 EDIT :  Dumbo, Bambi and the Christmas charts are now spoken for . Thanks.

These will be available for a couple of weeks ,then they will either be binned or given to a charitable cause.

No stitching to show at the moment , I have only done a small amount on the charity square and still not had chance to pick up butterflies, which is bugging the heck out of me ,lol. Just been too busy.
Thanks for dropping by ,


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Hi Cath!

If no one has asked I'd love Dumbo and Bambi. I have a daughter who loves all things Disney! I'll drop you an email!


Sarah Beth said...

I would very much like the needlework cross stitch Christmas magazines/books and anything else you want to give. I love new patterns and books.

Marlene Jones said...

Any of the cross stitch Christmas designs would be great, please let me know if you require any postage cost.
Thank you

Wendy said...

Hi Cath,

I'm struggling a bit to see what's in the pictures, I clicked to enlarge but it came up with pinterest! In the fifth one down, what is the design in the top right corner - is it art deco/mackintosh?

Julie said...

I really need to have a de-stash session, i keep saying that. I hope yours find good homes.

Angela CG said...

Unfortunatly the computer I am on will not let me email you, but I would love the jester chart if it is not spoken for. Thank you for the chance.