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Thursday, 2 May 2013

All three.

Finish , start and progress .

 First , I finished the last of my dragonfly charity squares .
 And here are the three together . I love how they have turned out, and it amazes me the difference it makes just by changing the colours used.
  A little bit of progress on Butterflies , but not as much as I would like. I spent ages wanting to get back to her , and when I got the chance , I didn't really enjoy it. I think the stitching ADD is still in force a bit,lol .
 I intend to do more next week as I  really want it finished so I can start a new one . And HAED have got a sale on at the moment ,so I have bought a couple of new charts .
 And this is the new start ,
  and also another finish .
This will probably be a charity square as well , not totally decided yet , but my daughter is not a big fan of Hello Kitty. I just fancied stitching it .
 Now I need to find another small to work on when I don't have time for the big projects ,lol .
 thanks for dropping by ,


cucki said...

Super sweet stitching xxx

Vicky L said...

Your charity squares are beautiful. Hello Kitty is adorable.

Kate said...

They are really great! Love the choice of colors.

Barb said...

How kind of you to do those charity projects!They look wonderful!

Marilyn said...

Great projects Cath.
The charity sqaures are so pretty.

Sally said...

Lovely charity squares Cath.

You know you can't just say you bought a couple more HAED charts without telling us what they are!! Lol.

Butterlies is looking lovely.

Gina E. said...

Awwww How cute! I just love Hello Kitty things! Can you let me know where you found this design - was it a freebie?

Julie said...

Super charity squares, so pretty, and Hello Kitty is just darling.

Dawn said...

Cute Hello kitty!! I stitched the other kitty pattern for my niece a few years ago!! :)