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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer ? maybe .

We had a lovely few days towards the end of last week and over the weekend. Today has been a little grey and dull , but not too bad.
 I have been doing a bit of stitching on the tiger , this is where I am now .
 It is coming on nicely , I am hoping for a reasonably quick finish with this one. Not had chance to pick up Butterflies yet this week, even though the kids are back at school , I have been really busy .

   We went out for a teatime picnic on Saturday, and went for a walk along the canal . Saw lots of lovely water birds .

 Cute and fluffy ducklings, there were four of them but I couldn't get a good pic of them all together ,they were moving about too much.

 Lovely blossom on the way
  I think this must be a favourite scratching spot for the sheep.
The kids thought it was great and gathered up some of the wool to bring home. I have washed it ,and it came up quite nice. shame there's not enough to do anything with though .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


Vicky L said...

The tiger is coming along nicely, The ducklings are so cute. Great pictures.

Lana said...

Great progress on your tiger! It is coming along quick!

Penny said...

Your tiger is looking good!

Barb said...

The lion is adorable! What a pretty place to have picnic!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your tiger. Great photos from your day out.

cucki said...

Have fun..love x

stitcheranon said...

Aw, the ducklings are so cute! The Tiger looks amazing...will be stunning when finished.

Lainey Main said...

Your tiger is looking great Cath. Love the birdie pics too!

Chris said...

Great progress on the tiger.
Love all the pics from your outing.

Shirlee said...

The tiger is coming along great ... no pun on Tony intended : ) Loved all the photos, especially the water birds & the scratching spot for the sheep : )

Marilyn said...

Great prgress on the Tiger.
I enjoyed the water bird pics, thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Tigers coming on a treat. Cute little ducklings awwww.

Bekca said...

It looks like you had a lovely time on your picnic, sometimes the most simple outings are the most enjoyable :) Your tiger is looking fab, I'm sure a finish is not too far away for this one :)
Best wishes.

Melanie said...

Good progress on the tiger!

Ooo, the birds must love those wool bits too for their nest building. I put the mounds of 'wool' that come off my Himalayans in the spring outside in a holder and the birds can't cart it off fast enough for their nest building. (I should note that Himalayan fur is unlike regular cat fut - their dense undercoat really is like wool roving.)

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh the ducks are so cute =)
Lovely stitching! :)