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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Natures' harvest .

 Autumn is on the way . Misty mornings and cooler days all showing the start of my favourite season.

 So , do you know how to turn a couple of hours work into two more days work ?.....
  It's easy , go fruit picking .

 On Sunday we went picking blackberries. To be honest , we didn't even get half way to the place we were going to pick the berries before we had two cereal tubs full and decided to call it quits . There is an abundance of berries this year .
   (Washing up bowl (new) full of blackberries).

 On the way back , we went scrumping (ie. called at a friends to cadge some apples from their tree. It works , as they don't do anything with them , but in return we take some of the finished products back ) .

    (Bag of apples)
  So , Monday after spending over an hour peeling/coring and cooking apples while the berries soaked in salt water (just in case of hitch hikers) . I then spent the rest of the day making these
 Four cakes
  and two crumbles . These were cooked later . The small one in now gone , the big one has been portioned up and put mostly into the freezer .
  Today was pastry day . Small pies and blackberry tarts (with a drizzle of icing for my daughter )
  Larger apple and blackberry pie  , some to be tested later and the rest will be portioned up for the freezer .
 I ran out of apple , but have four bags of berries in the freezer for another time .
 And that is how you turn a couple of hours work into an extra two days worth ,lol .

   Kids are now back in school and loving it thankfully , so hopefully I will now get some spare time to stitch . Shopping tonight , and got to clean out the little critters ( more info in another post ), possibly out tomorrow evening so still not much time ,lol. I swear the days are getting shorter . I must be getting old !

 Thanks for dropping by ,


Barb said...

Can just about smell those pies and the fruit cooking Cath, We have a cooking apple tree in our garden and blackberries where we walk Ollie hmm bliss. Must collect some this evening when we walk the dog as we have a glut of apples this year.

Vickie said...

Oh how satisfying! Your hard work has paid off!!

Brigitte said...

Oh Cath, the look of your pies and cakes and tarts just makes my mouth water. It's a lot of work but so rewarding.

cucki said...

Yummy :)
Enjoy my dear x

Lesleyanne said...

All of your baking looks gorgeous.

Shirlee said...

I love blackberries! You are so lucky to have a place where you can pick so many : ) Your baked goods look wonderful!

stitcheranon said...

Thank goodness the blackberries are amazing this year; my freezer is filled with crumbles..and more to do tomorrow. Are the blackberries cooked in your blackberry tarts??

Barb said...

Everything looks delicious!!

Chris said...

Wow! What wonderful baking! Yum!

Pumpkin said...

WHY do I end up reading food related posts when I'm hungry??? You're killing me Cath. Look at all those yummy berries, not to mention the cooking...(smacking lips).

Yes, it is that time of year again. Feels like summer is done when the kids go back to school :(

Bekca said...

Yummy, everything looks delicious! I've been doing exactly the same, although my blackberry bush didn't yield quite as much. Still, I've been having blackberries in my porridge every morning and I too made an apple and blackberry crumble - very tasty!
Best wishes.

Julie said...

Slurp....yum yum, they look very tasty.

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh in my childhood I had a great time picking blackberries :D and enjoyed eating as well ;) hehehehe

Catherine said...

There's nothing like fresh goodies to make yummy goodies!

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely fruit harvest Cath.:)
You are great in making couple of hours work into a few days of works.But as I see it worth doing it.:)))
I am glad that your children love school.:)
Autumn is very busy for me,so less xxx.I am back to school,too.:)


P.S.:Can I have apiece of cake?:)

Melanie said...

Feel free to send some NOM NOM's my way! I would eat that UP. :)

Sally said...

Oooh those blackberries look deleicious as does all your baking. It's making me hungry!

Carol said...

Oh, yum--there is nothing like fresh baked goodies made with fruit you've just picked yourself :) Everything looks great, Cath!!

Lynn said...

Everything looks so yummy, especially those blackberries! I love all sorts of berries but we were so busy this summer that I didn't have enough time to do any pies, etc. Now that fall is here and the apples are out I'm going to make some apple crisps and applesauce bread. I didn't know you could freeze apple crisps or crumbles!