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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Birthday Thread Exchange

I am opening a birthday thread exchange for next year .

The rules will be pretty simple, send a card (handmade or other) and three threads to other members on their birthdays.
 You must follow this through all year unless you have a very good reason for not doing so. Anyone without good reason will be named and shamed. Sorry to be blunt but it is unfair otherwise.
 To join, you must have a blog , be well known in the blogging community or have someone who is one of the previous two willing to vouch for you .

 Anyone wishing to join up , please leave a comment here and contact me via e-mail (in my profile) with your full mailing details , birthday and thread preferences ie DMC/Anchor and any other choices you might have .
 Please be aware that not everyone has the same access to funds/threads so while one person my send luxury threads , someone else may only send usual ones . If this is a problem , then don't join in. The idea is to spread a bit of fun and stash for our birthdays , not to get upset over spending a little more than you've got in return .
 This is open to anyone world wide , so be aware of postage costs .
  Not sure how many people will join in , but when I last mentioned it , there were five definitely interested and a few other maybes . If it turns out that a lot of people sign up , I may split into two groups to avoid lots of postage costs ,but I will confer with everyone first . If that happens , you could join both groups anyway .

 If you have a blog, I will ask that you post about your birthday threads , if you don't, please send me a picture and I will post on here .
  I will leave sign ups open until end of November , then it will be closed so I can sort out in plenty of time for next year in case of early birthdays.


stitcheranon said...

Yup; sign me up..why not? A great way to experience different threads.

valerie said...

Oh sign me up too! I've been wanting to do a birthday floss exchange for a while now. Thanks for organizing!

♥ Nia said...

This sounds so fun :) but i will wait a little more to know how many people will join, just to make sure I'll be able to do it.. With a baby on the way ;) heheheh

CalamityJr said...

What fun! Count me in; I'll send you my details soon!

Shebafudge said...

Me! me! Me!

Julie said...

God luck with this Cathy.

Lonneke said...

Sign me up too! Sounds like fun

Vicky L said...

this sounds fun! I am signing up.

Donna G. said...

Sending you an email to sign up.

Cole said...

I would love to sign up too - sending you an email!