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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Catching up .

Guess my blogging mojo is still playing hide and seek ,lol. .

This last couple of weeks has been hard. Hubby has not been too well and pulling his shoulder at work didn't help. He couldn't sleep , so neither could I. Then both kids have come down with a cough , which invariably ends up with puking in bed . Not pleasant at all . Then when I go to bed , I lie awake listening for them in case it happens again. So not a lot of sleep has been happening .

 On the positive side , I've been stitching to try and stay awake ,lol .

More charity squares .
                 Foxy finished. Love him .

 Horse not quite finished , I need to sort out a border . Not quite decided what yet , so it is waiting while I ponder .

 Doing another one of these in red for my daughter , then got to do a Batman logo for my son .

Bought myself an R&R frame with my birthday vouchers .Thanks again Lainey . Also bought LK Promise me, but forgot to take a picture of that .
 Loving my needle minders with this frame , so handy .

 This is my latest purchase . Will be useful for my son and for LQUK squares .

So , I have nine people interested in the Birthday Thread Exchange . You can still sign up until the end of November if you're interested . Please see previous post .
 I'm sure I have other things to post about but can't think of them right now and not sure where my list is , so I will leave it at this for now.

 Thanks for dropping by ,


♥ Nia said...

You haven't been blogging but you have been busy with your needles! Nice work :D

Catherine said...

Sweet projects!! Hope the kiddos are feeling better now ~ no rest for a mom on sick kid duty!

Barb said...

Your stitching is looking great! Sure hope good health returns to your family!

cucki said...

So sweet x

Jane said...

I'm sorry to hear your family haven't been well, fingers crossed they all pick up and stay well for the run up to Christmas.
I don't think lack of sleep and mojo go together so I'm sure it will come back soon once things get back to normal ~ your little projects in the meantime are really cute especially the fox.
Take Care Cath xxx

Julie said...

Lots of lovely stitching going on.

I hope the family are soon restored to full health again and you can get some 'awakeless' nights ... is that a word?

Shirlee said...

Praying for your family to be healthy again!

Chris said...

Lots of wonderful stitching. I hope that everyone is feeling better soon!

Pull the other thread said...

Lots of lovely stitching.

Sounds like you and your family have been having a rough time of it. I hope everyone will be better very soon.

Bekca said...

Your needle has been flying! The darling fox looks great.
I hope everyone in your household is feeling much better soon.
Best wishes.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching Cath. I hope everyone feels better soon xx

Carol said...

Raising kids is so tiring when they're sick--sure hope they are back to normal very soon, Cath!! Your charity squares look wonderful :)

Brigitte said...

Such nice charity projects.
I hope that all family members will be on the mend very soon. And that you won't end up getting the same bug.