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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Threads storage .

 First off ,a big Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments on my last post. I tried to reply to everyone , but some were no-reply comments and one kept bouncing back.
  Your comments really helped and made it a bit easier for me.

I took the opportunity at Open Evening to have a word with my sons' teacher. She discreetly had a word with the kid ,who came and asked if he wanted to play the following day. It was only for a short while before she wandered off ,and I'm sure it won't last , but we'll see. It makes it very hard as we have known this girl since she and my Daughter were at nursery together , so going on 6 years. I cannot understand how kids can be like that , but still. All's well that ends well, for the time being at least .
 Half term this week , and my son is glued to the Winter Olympics ,lol .

Remember I had to wind all those threads onto bobbins?
 Well, this is what they look like done .
  I wasn't sure if I'd have enough space in all my boxes ,as I didn't really want to use the ones that have broken hinges for the lids, so I picked up a couple of these from Home Bargains.
 They were a ridiculous price of around £1.49 I think , and the little dividers come out . They are a little shallow for the bobbins , but with a squeeze will close and keep everything safe.
 So ,this is almost my entire collection of DMC threads. I have left spaces as some threads are in use and obviously, there will be more added at times.
 This is my Anchor box with a few unbranded threads  at the end . The paper at the top has the Anchor-DMC conversion numbers of the threads I have , to make life a bit easier .
 WIP box for Rosita.
  And "others" WIP boxes , usually my charity squares and there are the threads that the kids are using for their Pokemon they have started.
There are still some other threads out in another box for my Christmas UFO/WIP.

Lots of lovely threads in gorgeous colours, to brighten the days a little .

  Thanks for dropping by ,


Mii Stitch said...

Glad the issue with that child is sorted. Let's wait & see after the holiday.
I bought these boxes too!! :D Amazing what you can find in Home Bargains :D My hubby bought some too for his Lego pieces :P
However, I have nowhere near as much threads as you have. OMG, looks like you have the whole DMC & Anchor collection... You could nearly open a shop! :) I'm really envious :D Have a lovely day x

Brigitte said...

So good to know that the situation has improved for your son in some way.
Wonderful pictures of all your threads. What an array of colours this is. I have my DMC threads in a similar kind of tool boxes which I bought at the hardware store. And they are really perfect for my bobbins.

Chris said...

So nice and organized. It is always nice to be able to find the color that you need so quickly.
Glad that things are better!

Justine said...

Just found your lovely blog while blog-surfing! I love your bobbins - so neat. You must have nearly all the DMC colours. I read your previous post about your son. How upsetting for you. Sometimes children can be very cruel. I hope the situation is resolved now the school is aware.

Julie said...

A post full of eye candy, oh to be organised.... I have to be like this otherwise I get so cross when I am searching for something. Great bargain box, better have a trip there and see what else might be useful lol.

Vickie said...

Let us hope that girl has a change of heart and stays nicer.
Your collection is so impressively organized!

stitchersanon said...

I completely missed your last post; I'm so sorry. Your son sounds just like mine. Brought up to care. I can't really offer any answers, kids can be so cruel and it hurts us when our kids are the ones affected. Kids don't think: thankfully it is the holidays soon and the equilibrium may change when they go back. You know where I am if you need me xx

♥ Nia said...

Your threads looks wonderful all organized :D
I only stitch with Dmc, I don't enjoy anchor colors as much. But i do have all Dmc too :)

Barb said...

I'm glad to hear things are better for your child. It is so hard when they are having a bad time. Great Organizing!!

Lesleyanne said...

So pleased your son's situation was a little easy, let's hope it stays that way. Your thread boxes look gorgeous. I love seeing everyone's thread storage.

valerie said...

Look at all the pretty bobbins! I am trying to do the same thing. It is taking forever!!