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Monday, 3 March 2014

A tale of two thread orders .

Most of my stash is bought using money that I get for my birthday or for Christmas .
   Last year , I bought a couple of LK charts that I wanted to kit up , so I checked out a few ONS' to find out the best prices of the threads (GAST AND WDW) . It turned out that two different stores were cheapest for the threads ,so I ordered one from one store and the other from the other. Even with two lots of postage , it was more economical.
 The GAST I ordered from the Patchwork Rabbit. Very fast turnaround , no problems at all and I was very happy.
 I placed both orders on the same date , 27th December last year. Within a week I had received the GAST .

The WDW I ordered from Thread Bear. Now, I have ordered from them before and always been totally happy.I knew that the store had been taken over by new people, but as the website and everything had stayed the same , I assumed that the service would be the same.


I placed my order on the 27th , got a confirmation back straight away which said (as usual) that they would be in touch in a couple of days to let me know what was what. I know that they don't carry everything in stock so I might have to wait , but as nothing was desperate , it wasn't a problem. By 5th Jan , I still hadn't heard anything so sent an e-mail to check if there was a problem.
 Got an e-mail back on the 7th stating that as it said on their site they had been off for Christmas until the 4th. OK, they would have to order a lot of the threads , but had a few in stock if I wanted them sent out straight away.
 I got right back to them and asked how long it would take for the threads to come. Two days later , they reply that it takes 10-15 working days.
 So , I replied that it was OK to wait and send all together.

Fast forward to 18th Feb, still not heard anything and I was going to give them until the end of that week and tell them not to bother.
 On the 20th , I got an e-mail to say it was being sent out that day . I had to e-mail back and ask what the postage cost would be as their site adds a huge charge on , but they do not take the money until the order is processed and then just add what the postage costs.
 The reply said £3.50 , which I thought was a bit much , but wait and see.
Two days later the envelope arrives and the postage cost was 90p .

 Unimpressed does not even begin to cover it. I sent an e-mail asking how they justified it and to be fair , I got a reply very quickly saying that they had charged as a package when it actually got through as a large envelope. I know the post is tricky to calculate now , but they didn't then go back and sort it out.
 They have agreed to refund all the postage , so just got to wait and check if that has been sorted.

 The whole thing has left a bad taste , and really put a downer on a stash acquisition ,which should be a fun thing, right ?
 In fact , until today I haven't even looked at the threads ,at the time ,I just stuffed them back in the envelope in case I decided to send them back and tell them to stuff it.

 So , they have lost a customer. Even if they are cheaper than anywhere else , I will not use them again.

Anyway , here are the threads .

Just hope it doesn't put a downer on using them.

 My latest finishes for LQUK

 And a couple of scarves I made over the weekend.

In other news , the bully has been at it again , but had a go at my daughter this time , so I had to have a word with a teacher , again. Getting pretty fed up of it now.
 A lovely day today , dry and sunny . Let's hope it stays that way .
 Thanks for dropping by ,


Mii Stitch said...

Aw no!! Sorry to read about the stash purchase & the bully. I'll make sure not to use this company, I'm not as patient as you. I think I would have blow a gasket!!! :D That bully needs to be taught a lesson, what a cheek!! I love your scarves, they are so so cute! I recently gave them a go & was so surprise at how easy they are to make :) Have a lovely day xxx

Julie said...

Oh no, how awful, what a bad experience you had with the supplier. Very sad news, but the threads do look nice and colourful and I hope you enjoy stitching with them. So pleased they refunded the postage for you as compensation.
Hope the bully gets sorted too!
love and {hugs} x

Shirlee said...

Sorry about your experience & thanks for sharing. The threads are lovely though. There are a couple of shops I will never buy from again due to their poor service.

Wendy said...

I very nearly bought some insulating wadding from Thread Bare today. i'd never heard of them and thought the shop looked great. When I went to checkout, it had added a ridiculous amount for postage, so I left it and bought it elsewhere. I'm very glad I did now. That's terrible service.

I hate emails that say things like that - "as it said on our website, we were closed..." they need to remember who is the customer.

stitchersanon said...

Oh that is shocking...all aspects: bad service, dodgy postal charges and bullies. I am so lucky, non of my kids were ever really bullied but then the one time one was, she was knocked unconscious! Needless to say I went in, ranted, raved, pointed out the schools legal responsibilities and began my journey as a home educator. I really hope it is sorted out soon. I have used patchwork rabbit before and never had a problem...not used threadbear and won't be rushing too either!

Mary Ann said...

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with that company. The threads are very pretty, though. The LQUK squares are wonderful, and I love the scarves!

Chris said...

How frustrating!! I hate that you had to go through that, it does leave a bad taste.
Lovely finishes and scarf Cath!
I hope that you have some spring weather soon!

Peggy Lee said...

As has been said already, I wouldn't have been nearly as patient as you.
I hope you get the bully thing sorted out. That is just horrible!
Love your finishes. Pooh has always been one of my favorite fellas.

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely stitching!
Sorry to hear about the hassle you had getting your threads.... :(

Barb said...

Oh dear! that bully needs to be delt with!! What a pain for your family. I do love all your projects. They look great. It must be the time of the year for goof-ups. I went to a very popular LNS while on vacation. Two of the 3 pieces of linen that I purchased were wrong by the time I got home and checked them out. I can't go back -way too far. One was the wrong count and the other was just cut the wrong size. I will use them but not for the projects I am trying to do right now! I know how you feel-frustrated!

Blu said...

What awful customer service! You were a lot more patient than I would have ever been.
Love the heart and Winnie is very cute. The scarves are just gorgeous.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Grr--I feel your pain--place an order, wait forever and then its wrong!

Bekca said...

I hope you get your postage refunded in the end Cath, what awful service! Thank you for sharing your experience though, I'll be sure to avoid this company.
I'm sure you can still enjoy your stash enhancement. The threads you received are such lovely colours :)
Best wishes.

Pam in IL said...

I hope that you'll be able to enjoy the threads even though it was a bad experience getting them. I hope the bullying will get stopped too.

♥ Nia said...

That would make anyone very unhappy =/ Thanks for sharing with us sweetie, it's very useful to know which ONS we can trust..

Melanie said...

That is bummer. :(
I'm glad they at least refunded the disputed part of things.
Thankfully there are a lot of vendors to choose from. Time to move on, for sure.

Lesleyanne said...

What terrible customer service you received Cath. Lovely stitching and scarves. I think the bully situation needs to be sorted out by the school now. Take care xx

Dani - tkdchick said...

That heart is just wonderful!