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Friday, 11 April 2014

Time Flies

Whether you're having fun or not ,lol .

 I can't believe that it has been a month since my last post. One of those times with not a lot to say I guess.
I have been stitching , but not a lot . Time has seemed to have been in short supply lately.

 I have made a little progress on Rosita , wish it was more , but there you go .
 The only other project I have been working on is this .
It is a square for LQUK, but as the chart is fairly large , it is on 16ct aida instead of the usual 14ct , and it is taking an age to get done . I am thinking about another 1500 stitches then all the back stitch. Hopefully this week or next will see it finished so I can get on to other things.

 I have also been taking some time to try and organise my stash. At the moment this involves lots of looking through old magazines and removing usable charts .Hopefully this will create more space to enable me to organise everything else , but it all takes time.
 I also got very engrossed in a set of books ,so didn't stitch for over a week while I ploughed through them ,lol.

 Well, that's all for now , the kids are on Easter holiday from school , so a second visit to the library this afternoon , for Easter craft. Swimming lesson and ice skating party tomorrow, who knows what Sunday will bring.

 A quick aside , Thread Bear did indeed refund the postage from my order .

 Thanks for dropping by ,
 Take care ,
 Cath x


Pull the other thread said...

Absolutely fantastic stitching.

cucki said...

Oh dear time is surly flying
Sweet stitching
Big hugs x

Bekca said...

Lovely to see a post from you Cath, I hope you and your family are well. You've made brilliant progress on both your projects and I'm glad to see the postage issue has been resolved. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter break.
Best wishes.

stitchersanon said...

Lovely progress: some little girl is going to love the square for the quilt. So pleased Thread Bear has refunded you. It is so annoying that someone somewhere isnt doing their job properly and that takes time out of our busy lives to have to sort out. Enjoy your Easter break!

Rhona said...

Lovely stitching. Good luck organizing your stash! Enjoy the Easter break!

Marlene Jones said...

When I sort my stash, and make room a shopping trip follows.

Barb said...

Wonderful stitching! Have a great break with your children!!

♥ Nia said...

Your wips are looking great! Beautiful blue shades on Rosita :)

Wonky Witch Needlecraft said...

Happy Easter. Love the beautiful colours on Rosita; looking forward to seeing more of her as you progress :)

Julie said...

So pleased you got your cash back. A lovely square for the quilt.
Enjoy the easter hols.

Barb said...

Good news about the refund Cath, I no longer shop at TB as they do not seem as good since new owners. Lovely stitching and I agree where are the months going.
Take care and enjoy your Easter.

Chris said...

Hey Cath!!
I hope that things are just coasting along for you. Great stitching progress.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching.

ricketyjo said...

Lovely stitching - I love the colours in Rosita! And well done for trying to get organised... :-) hope you and the kids enjoy the rest of the Easter hols!

Brigitte said...

Great stitching on your projects, Cath. I know the times when stitching has to stay back behind reading, mostly in the summer when i can sit on the terrace a book in hand and read for hours. Then I don't spend a single thought about stitching, lol.

Shebafudge said...

Gorgeous stitching! Have fun organising your stash. I want tosort all mine in the next holidays :)