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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A mixed bag

Well ,we are getting some very mixed weather at the moment. The other day we had hail/ice which covered everything .

 Straight after this , the sun came out and there was glorious rainbow.

Today we have snow , not as much as last time , though it is still trying . The day is very grey. Had a very disappointed hubby and kids this morning when they realised there was not enough to stop them going to work and school .
 I'm lucky to have my Christmas pressies to keep me warm . My lovely mittens .
 Hand knitted socks.
 And snuggly scarf . This pic was taken in the last lot of snow .
Latest finish .
 This is for my daughter and will be made into a cushion cover .

And these are the butterflies I have been working on for another charity group. They will be put together with other stitched squares and made into comfort pillows.
 These are a few waiting for their bodies , I will do them all together.
I am planning a bit of a stitchy day today as I didn't get any done on Monday or Tuesday. Monday was busy tidying and clearing out and yesterday I was in school until lunch time listening to the kids read. It was kind of unplanned , I just offered to help sort out a problem which got solved anyway so then kind of got volunteered to do reading. I always said I wouldn't go into a class that one of my kids was in , but my sons' teacher is struggling to fit everything in and only has a couple of part time TA's she also has quite a few children that require extra attention.
  First time went ok , so I will see how it goes.

Still snowing a little , and I am meant to be having an extra school run today as DD is supposed to be staying for Handball club , so we shall see.
 Take care everyone ,


Vickie said...

Well you have the beautiful accessories for the cold. Like the selfie in the snow. ;) Drive safe.

Julie said...

Sounds like you are really busy with school life Cath, I remember those days well....once they get you into school that's it, you'll be in there more than you know lol.
Superb stitching, those butterflies are so lovely and the dragonflys are pretty.

Hazel said...

we had quite a bit of snow but its mostly all gone now I think though it is still trying!. Love your butterfly finishes. Cosy up in those socks, scarf and mitts! x

Rhona said...

What strange weather...roll on spring!
Beautiful stitching (as always !) I'm a big fan of dragonflies so I LOVE that design.

Jane said...

Only a tiny sprinkling of snow here in the South and by mid-morning it was gone! Slightly disappointed as it is so pretty when it does fall but slightly relieved that my family don't have to face train disruption and not sure that crutches and snow go together!
Pretty finish for your DD and lovely butterflies too, such gorgeous colours.
I used to love reading with the children at school, they get so involved in the story.
Have a lovely stitchy day and stay warm xxx

Barb said...

You have had some wild weather. All the goodies are keeping you warm. Your stitching is lovely , such pretty colors. I volunteer at a school too, never a dull moment!

Marlene jones said...

Love your butterflies, simple but beautiful. We still have avoided the snow!

cucki said...

awww sweet butterfly..so cuteeeeeeeeeee
big hugs x

Dani - tkdchick said...

That piece you stitched up for your daughter is so lovely!

Rachel Tomkins said...

A beautiful finish and gorgeously bright WIPs. I enjoy looking at your stitching!
As for helping out at school, I don't think us parents realise just how busy teachers and TAs are so any help they get is a bonus. I still help out in my childrens' infant school even though they have long since left and are now in years 6 and 8!