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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Catching up

Well time is flying already.
 We have just had a flurry of snow , but everywhere is very wet so it hasn't stayed. Kids will be disappointed ,but I'm quite pleased as I have to go shopping tonight ,lol.

 A little bit of stitching has been going on .
I have completed two squares for LQUK

Good news is that three of my any child squares are going onto quilts in the near future.

 Now started another dragonfly , this time to make into a cushion cover for my daughter. Only a little bit done yesterday , so no pics as yet. I've also been stitching small butterflies for another charity group , but no pics of them either . will show next time .
 I am warm and snug at the moment  ,wearing my hand knitted socks that I got for Christmas. Also got a pair of hand knitted mittens so I am very blessed .

 Sharon , Donna and I are just about to start our Sister Stitcher exchange year , looking forward to that .
Thanks for dropping by , I will be back soon .



Sally said...

Such cute quilt stitching Cath.

We've not seen a single snowflake here this winter and I am so disappointed! I'm worse than a child!

CalamityJr said...

I love all that you do for the charity quilts. Kudos to you!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You are such a dedicated stitcher for Love Quilts! Two more great blocks!

Barb said...

It is so kind that you stitch for the children's quilts! Great designs.

Mylene said...

Such cute charity squares you've stitched!

Dinha said...

mas que adorei o homem de ferro bordado feliz que gostou do meu gráfico um beijo carinhoso!

Brigitte said...

Two more reat blocks for the Love Quilts. The kids will love them.

Christine said...

Ironman is just fabulous! Wherever did you find the chart for him?

Julie said...

Lovely quilt stitching Cath.