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Thursday, 29 October 2015


Well, I disappeared there for a while.
 Still been stitching and had the intention to blog , but didn't quite get around to it. So now I guess it's time for a major catch up , but don't worry I will try and split it up so you don't lose the will to live ,lol .

 So , in August we took a family break to the East coast. Booked pretty last minute , and we took a risk in going for a caravan close to the sites' club. Yeah , it was a mistake. Very loud until very late.
 Otherwise though , we had a great time . It rained solid all day Tuesday but the rest of the week was dry , occasionally overcast but not enough to cause us problems.

 On Monday we went to Skegness Naturelands Seal Sanctuary . Lots of other animals as well as seals , but I took way too many photos to show them all here . Here are just a sampling of the pics.

Had a fabulous day .

Later in the week we visited Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary. Again lots of animals and birds , but I have to say I was disappointed in the place . It wasn't very clean , but very full and it was very much a case of being an attraction rather than a sanctuary. I much preferred Skegness. Still ,a few pics from there too.

On the last day , we packed up the car and walked across the sea front to the town for a last look round , last ice cream , donuts and slushes ,lol. We were awe struck to see seals just off the beach . One of them was fishing and the kids got to see it enjoying its' catch . Got to be the highlight of the week .

 That's all for now . I will schedule another couple of posts to catch up with stitching etc.

 Thanks for reading .


Vickie said...

Oh very nice pictures! That does sound like a highlight, the seal.

KimM said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. What great photos!

Marlene jones said...

Lovely photo's with loads of sunshine, just what we require on a dull day.