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Friday, 30 October 2015

Heaven and Earth

 I recently joined the new official HAED page on Face book .
 Michele has issued a challenge for people to do at least 100 stitches a week for the nest four weeks and then show photos of their progress.
  I have been wanting to get going on QS Rosita for a while , and this is the incentive I needed , so here is where I am at now.

We have to post a progress pic on the FB page on the 28th November , but I'm going to try and post a pic on here every week to see how much I can get done . I am hoping for more than the asked for 100 stitches , but we'll see as I also have a couple of other projects on the go .

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Rachel Tomkins said...

100 stitches a week does not sound like much, but for some HAED charts I can appreciate that this is good going!
I love the blues in this picture and look forward to seeing much more! :)

Pull the other thread said...

Great stitching. Well done for joining the challenge

demeter83 said...

She's lovely, great to see her out. I've signed up as well but haven't started yet, hopefully tomorrow evening for me!