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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Latest stitchings

Thank you for bearing with me in my absence , now it's time to catch up on what I've been stitching .

  Squares for Love Quilts UK ,named squares .

And an "any child" square. Disney Princesses are so popular ,we can never get enough of them .
A little bit of info about LQUK . So far , I have stitched 79 squares and been a part of 55 quilts (with two quilts having more than one of my squares on). There are at least 11 quilts coming up that will have my squares on too. That's over 66 kids whose lives have been brightened a little by my stitching. Now , I am not bragging as we have some fabulous stitchers , some of whom have done over 100 and even 200 squares. Now that's impressive . But , each and every square is important .So , each and every stitcher is as important .
  We have sent out 144 quilts so far this year , with the hopes of going over 170 before the end of the year. We have already passed last years total of 141 . We could do more , but need the funds and the quilters. These quilts are given with no charge to the kids or their families , it is all charity donations , so if you would like to help in any way , please do what you can. You can donate here . We would really appreciate new quilters though as no matter how many squares we have , or how much money ,we need people to put them together , so if you or anyone you know can quilt and wants to help some poorly kids to smile , please look here .  Thank you.

OK , I also stitched this for my Daughter as we are planning a quilt and she has chosen animals in a tribal style.

These are what I have done so far , only another 10 to go .

More news coming soon .
 Thanks for reading


Pauline said...

That dog is fantastic!

Brigitte said...

These are some wonderful blocks for the Love Quilts. What a great way to brighten these children's Lives. And these blocks for your daughter's quilt have a very lovely motif.

Vickie said...

That pug must have taken a lot of time.
What a great idea to make a quilt for your own daughter.

Anonymous said...

I really like the animals in tribal style, cute !!