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Sunday, 13 December 2015

No stitching

Been very busy , so no stitching to show this time round . Lots of shopping and sorting (though a lot of it has been done on-line this year), organising and running around.
 Thanks to my lovely daughter , over the last week I have made nine scarves in four days. I love it when she has these bright ideas for presents ,lol.
    The pink and black ones are for my daughters' teacher and TA respectively , the two purple ones are for two of her friends .
  For two more friends
 For sons' teacher and TA
 And of course ,while I was making them , my daughter herself had to get in on the act.
   These ones were fab to make and only took about an hour , the others took longer.

I will be glad to get back to my stitching as soon as I can , though not sure when that will be , lots more going off in the coming week, and next week will be even busier.
Thanks for checking in ,


Chris said...

The scarves look lovely!
I hope that you are having some fun even with all the hectic holiday rush.

Vickie said...

Wow! You were very, very productive! Excellent work!

Julie said...

Perfect gifts, they will be treasured

Mylene said...

Such lovely scarves! Great job!!