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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A quick update .

Hi ,
 just wanted to do a quick post and update events .
My daughter has been to the Harry Potter studio tour today , so she is buzzing, had a great time .

I started my sixth book of the year so far today , so going well with the reading . There will be slower times as it depends on what mood I'm in , but enjoying the new books that I had for Christmas and a couple more I bought from the Works when we went into town last week.

Stitching wise , I'm still enjoying my HAED , this is where I'm at after todays' efforts.

 I am hoping to get this done fairly quickly as I have so many plans of other projects . I'm also planning a secret stitch as an end of year gift for my sons' teacher . He has had the same teacher for two years and she is absolutely brilliant , so I wanted to do something a bit special. More on that at a later date .
  I needed an easier project for evenings and weekends so started my LQ square too , this is where I've got to . I'm hoping it looks a lot better when it's done , lol.

Thanks for dropping by ,


Vickie said...

Oh I like both these progress pictures! I see where they are headed. ;)

Barb said...

As a former teacher, I'd say you are a special mom!

Julie said...

You must be a fast reader Cath, 6 books in 12 days... WOW!
Nice progress on the HAED's

Justine said...

Ooh yes I can see where these are going too! Great progress.