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Monday, 2 January 2017

Out with the old.

In with the New.

Happy New Year everyone , I know I'm a day late . I was going to post last night , but then hubby asked if I wanted to watch a DVD with him while having cheese and crackers . Can't turn an offer like that down , so blogging had to wait ,lol .

Anyway , time for the recap and plan post , so here goes.

 Last year , I read 114 books , a huge improvement on the last couple of years , so I'm pretty happy with it , especially as it did not look like I'd get anywhere near that at the start of the year.
 I had a lovely pile of books for Christmas to help me get a good start in this year .
I've already read the two on the right and made a start on the third.

Stitching wise , I had 44 starts , and 48 finishes , which again I'm quite impressed with especially as some of those finishes were old UFOs .

 I stitched 28 squares for Love Quilts , and a card  , a card for hubby , 4 bookmarks for my lovely kids , two other finishes for me , and two UFOs finished ,and one of them was finished on the 30th December , so you haven't even seen it yet !

 I have one WIP , which will probably be left for a while as I had a new start yesterday , but that comes in with the plans bit ,so more in a short while . First , the ORTs !
 My ort jar from two angles , lots of pretties in here , but it's now been emptied out all ready for a new years worth .

So , my big finish at the end of last year was my oldest UFO , started in 2009. I was stitching on it when my cousin was killed in a car accident and just put it down . I've picked it up on and off occasionally , but decided that it needed to be finished . After I finished up my owls earlier on last year , I admit I did put this off a bit , but once I got going it wasn't actually that bad . I have changed a couple of things ,and added some personalisation , and overall I'm quite pleased with it.

Forgive the bits of paper , I don't post my familys' names on line. It is also in need of a good press , but as it's going to be put away for a few months I'm going to leave that until I'm ready to have it framed , probably around my birthday  ,then it will be ready and waiting in time for next Christmas.
 I'm quite excited about it now it's done , this is my first seasonal stitched piece .

Plans ,well , I don't make definite plans , just have ideas of what I'd like to do .

My new start yesterday was a HAED , which I'm doing for the FB challenge of stitching a page between Jan 1st and April 7th . It was going to be until 3rd March , but they extended it . I'm stitching TT A Pale Comparison for my Daughter , and she's quite excited about it.
This is my progress from yesterday and today .

My other plans are really to do more personal stitching . I do love stitching for Love Quilts and will continue to do so , but I need to get more of my own projects done . I have so much stash , it's shameful . Also , I want to do more for my kids , so once this one is done , I'll be starting a HAED for my son. I'd also really like to complete Rosita, so three HAEDs on the go ,lol .

I am planning on stitching Pumpkin Patch Inn this year too , and hopefully Holmseys' Winter Wonderland , and probably Promise Of Spring by Silver Creek Samplers which I bought from the lovely Mouse .

 So , looks like I'm going to be fairly busy this coming year .

Thanks for dropping by ,



Julie said...

Wishing you a year filled with good health and lots of fun and happy times.
Super finish.

Barb said...

Great achievement in both reading and stitching. You do have an ambitious year ahead. It will be fun seeing all you accomplish!

Syd said...

Nice finish and a great start! Happy New Year!

Justine said...

Only one WIP - I'm jealous! I love your Christmas stitch, it's beautiful. I looked up your daughter's HAED and it's gorgeous. Of course you have to start one for your son too!
Good luck with all your goals in 2017!

Vickie said...

You busy this coming year? Who would have thought?!? You are always so very productive. Good for you planning on a few more personal finishes Cath.

Marlene jones said...

I love my Ingredients for a good Christmas, I wish I had thought to add names, it comes out each December.

Chris said...

Happy New Year to you too Cath. I smiled at you reading a book twice by mistake, I once read a nook 3 years running and each time didn't remember the end nor realise until I went to add it to my author list!! I haven't started a new book yet as I have just quit 'The Winter Garden' by Kristin Hannah, although I was more than half way through, it was boring and I only persisted because it had been recommended to me and I kept think it would pick up, well it didn't!! LOL Fortunately I hadn't bought it but had it from the library. Thank you for your faithful comments even tho' I haven't hardly blogged this last year. It's not easy left handed typing!

Sok Sareth said...

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