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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Quick catch up

Well the summer holiday time is almost upon us , so I thought I'd better update while I get the chance.
 I am a very proud Mum at the moment , both my lovely kids have had excellent reports from school. My daughter has aced her first year at Comprehensive school , coming out with 100% attendance , working above expected levels for her age group and has been presented with a badge and trophy for completing the Leadership Bronze award and also received a gift voucher which she earned with her A points. They get given A points for various things , like good work , handing in homework on time and doing it well as well as many other things.
 My son got a fab report too , and we had a great time this morning watching the year 5s and 6s performing Grease.(He's in year 5 at the moment - last year at Primary starting September). So , really chuffed with and for both of them .

 Stitching wise , I have been a busy little bee , so let's have a look .

These are all any child squares for Love Quilts . The trains were finished just this evening .
 I have also nearly finished a gift for my sons' teacher , so will have to show you that next time .
 I'm sure that there was something else I had to write about , but cannot think of it at the moment , so will leave it here .
 Thanks for dropping by ,


Vickie said...

Well done to your children. And well done to you Cath! The space square is especially neat!

stitchersanon said...

Oh wow, you must be so proud of your children! That's excellent news! Lovely stitching as always and for a very worthy cause.

Rhona said...

Well done to both kiddos for having great report cards! Love your stitching, what a lovely variety of subjects.....they will make fab quilts.

Julie said...

**round of applause for the good work and good attendance** well done mum on being a great parent.
Super stitching, such a good cause you stitch for.

Barb said...

Congratulations to those hard working children!! Good job with them mom. I love all those little projects for the quilts. You are a special lady for doing those.

Astrids dragon said...

Definitely a proud Mum moment, congratulations to them both!
All of your stitching looks wonderful, I'm sure they'll be treasured.

ricketyjo said...

Glad to hear your kids are doing so well, you must be super proud of them :-)
And wonderful stitching!
Have a lovely weekend, Jo.