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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More of the white stuff.

We have had around four inches of snow in the last three hours , and it's still coming. Though it has slowed down a bit. This has come after a bit of snow over the weekend which is mostly now turned to ice , so not the best of walking conditions.
 My daughter started back at school this morning , but I've just got a message that they're closing at lunch time , so got to drag my son out again , then I'm sure they'll want to play out in it.

I took these pictures when I went out for a short walk on Sunday , and this is what it looks like now

My poor chooks are having to wade through it at the moment.
This was the view outside last night , so should have expected it I suppose.
I'm using the new blogger editor at the moment , but have to say I'm not likning it much so far . Probably because I'm not used to it though.
Happy Snow Day


Ginnie said...

We've had snow here too.... managed to skid up the road to get to work!! Looks lovely on the trees!

Lindsay-ann said...

The snow is bad here too. We have had 6 inches since 7am and it's still coming down. We are all snowed in! I am warm and cosy and stitching away.
PS Your blog seemed to take ages to download. Don't know if it's me or your new editor.

Mylene said...

Great pictures you've taken. We have snow here too the last couple of days and been to take a few pictures last sunday but i haven't downloaded it yet.

Shellie said...

Just getting the snow here now. Great pics,
Im struggling with the new editor too esp the pictures so given up and gone bk to the old one. |But it doesnt affect how ur blog works downloaded fine here
Have a good day, Stay warm and safe
What better excuse to stitch lol
Hugs Shellie

Cath said...

I've changed back to the old one too , but need the new one for SAL blog ,so look like hopping from one to another.
Not much chance of stitching at the mo , the kids are on wind up missions. lol